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June 10-16 2018 Feathered Pipe Foundation - Montana

June 10-16 Feathered Pipe Foundation - Montana  


Healing Ourselves and the Earth


The first 20 registrants will be eligible for a raffle for one free individual phone session with Brooke or Heron!

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We daughters of the Goddess have a natural tendency, in any kind of joy or challenge, to come together. These are times that call for our very best, and my intention is to deepen and empower you – to set you on a chosen path of beauty and offering to All of Life – a pathway that leads to your own transformation and the uplifting support of a larger community in the throes of surging change.

         The time has come for us to become the vessels of the deep feminine consciousness that is needed to re-balance the world.  As women embodied on Mother Earth, our innate gift is the feminine power to nurture and renew Life, which is thus also our charge and responsibility. In a critical time, how we step forward to do this can make a vital difference in gracefully moving us into the peace and glory of a new and golden time. And because we have so much, we will be asked to lead by walking the feminine way powerfully onto the Earth.  Yet women are stressed and fatigued with their already over-full lives. We will offer you ways to support your life, health and happiness - women’s moon mysteries, ancestral clearing, sacred sexuality, working with the ancient brain’s remarkable intelligence, manifesting with working with Creator’s plan, walking the feminine path to enlightenment, and more. 

         For our transformative experience, we will use story, circle dance, meditation, experiential exercises,movement on the land, quiet visioning time in the beauty of nature, chant spirit song, laughter, an atmosphere of radiance, and really good food!!  We will also go deep into Mother Earth’s womb in the ancient shamanic cave for ceremony….

Brooke will: 

         Share with you from the ancient prophecies and her own visions; 

          Sing, chant, dance circle with you; 

         Deepen your relationship with Lady Gaia

        Enhance your physical life by sharing healthy practices - good eating for youthfulness and vitality;

         Offer opportunities and techniques to clear the old, the negative, the heavy – that will lacks usefulness and drains your energy; 

        Awaken your magic and manifestation; 

         Lead you to create and dance into reality an empowering and magical completion ceremony,

Heron will:

          Connect you through meditation with the Grandmothers of the Spiraling Star Path

          Share power songs from the Grandmothers that awaken the deep feminine within

          Deepen your experience of conscious kinship with all of life

          Expand your embodiment of the Feminine Heart

         Empower you to walk the Feminine Path to Enlightment


         Your full-hearted self; 

         Simple ceremonial skirts/dresses/shawls; 

        Openness to experience; and

         A willingness to move and be moved, to tap the wild beauty and love within you.

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