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In Honor of the: Reclaiming The Wise Woman Elder for the healing of the Earth - Free Online Series, We are Offering these Specials! Eclipse Blessings, Brooke

Grandmother Wisdom - FREE SONG DOWNLOAD

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In many tribal ways, the white-hairs, the wisdom women, those initiated into the Grandmother Lodge, were the most powerful leaders of the people.We must renew this way of being for moon-pause (menopause) women, so that the great wisdom, life experience, and resources they have built over their lives are not denigrated and wasted as they grow older. Through this teaching, I send special love and honoring to all moon-pause women, and challenge you, each in your own unique way, to commit to the nurturing and renewal of all life, which is the charge of the Grandmother Lodge. *With gratitude to the artist, Frank Howell, for the cover image.



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Buffalo Woman is Calling - FREE SONG DOWNLOAD

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Walking Meditation - FREE SONG DOWNLOAD

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Women's Mysteries: Moon Lodge Teachings Series   


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Choose the entire series for insight and guidance in every season of your woman's journey.


Songs For Ceremony


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Songs for Ceremony - It is important to use the songs/vibrations we sing in a correct and powerful way. This collection of songs from my albums includes ones I often use in ceremony.
* Ancient Altar Song                 * Bones
* Hanta Yo!                                * Circle Round the Wheel
* White Buffalo Woman           * Giveaway
* Kiowa Round Dance               * Wolf Chant
* Ama Terra                                * O Shoo Wa
* Sacred Ground                        * Thankfulness
* Children of the Earth & Sun


Buffalo Woman Comes Singing



Read by Brooke herself, with added comments and songs, this is a remarkable story AND teaching, with exercises at the end of each chapter to help make the learning real for you in your life. This is truly a Study Course even more than a book, with wonderful teaching stories from Brooke’s life to guide you. Even if you’ve read it before, it is surprisingly current and powerful, and will serve you well.

BUFFALO WOMAN COMES SINGING is a fascinating, modern woman’s spiritual autobiography and statement of sacred ecology, and although it is set in a Native tradition, its deep teachings are universal – expressed from her stance as a “Rainbow Medicine Woman”. It explores fascinating uses of traditions like the Medicine Wheel; healing through ritual action; dreamtime; and the moon lodge -- the woman's place of retreat and visioning. And it offers personal lessons for you in:

  •  understanding your emotional life
  • creating your own medicine wheel
  • manifesting through the Four Winds
  • acts of power and beauty
  • finding and filling your spiritual “holes"
  • accepting your mantle of service, and much more.1

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Downloadable Audio 


BLOSSOMING: Personal Healing and Transformation sessions $40 discount on series of 4. These individual sessions are empowering, uplifting, and practical - in person or by phone.  Together we will create sacred space and take a prayerful look at your situation, staying open-hearted and receptive to what Creator brings to and through usOur goal will be to move you through your challenges and lessons toward the ripening and sharing of your gifts to the world, and the abundant life that give-away brings in return.

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