Private Time with Brooke


Come join me in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of Montana:
Retreats, Sacred Journeys, Private Healing Sessions, Beautiful Mountain Hikes, Ceremonies, Quests 

Add power and meaning to your Montana time – whether it’s a special journey to sacred or inspiring sites; personal growth or healing session; rite of passage or commitment ceremony; a healthy and stunning day hike; an empowering retreat; or guided quest for vision, Brooke will be there to support your process with her wisdom and healing ways.


Spirituality & Traditions

My baseline spirituality is Native American, yet many ways of Earth wisdom are honored. Respecting and enhancing the web of life is my goal. We will work for Mother Earth, the goddess Lady Gaia, in all that we do, creating an uplifted vibration of harmony to radiate around us. Working with the land, I honor the traditions of Machaelle Small Wright, Fukuoka, Ruth Stout, and many others.

To learn more about my personal offerings, you may want to read my books: BUFFALO WOMAN COMES SINGING and THE LAST GHOST DANCE.


Private Sessions

We will work together, "clearing the decks" so you can create what you really want. These consultations have been getting better and better -- I'm often amazed myself at the wisdom Creator sends through in answer to our mutual prayers as we begin sharing.

These individual sessions are empowering, uplifting, and practical - in person or by phone.  Together we will create sacred space and take a prayerful look at your situation, staying open-hearted and receptive to what Creator brings to and through us. Our goal will be to move you through your challenges and lessons toward the ripening and sharing of your gifts to the world, and the abundant life that give-away brings in return.

In the end we will turn attention from any "problems" and challenges toward a positive, heartful vision of what is possible for you and worthy of you -- how you wish to spend the energy of this one precious life. We will step out of the cage of "good and bad" into the garden of that which is useful, beneficial, appropriate, timely and of service to yourself and the world.

I offer healing in the Inka tradition: Luminous Body Healing to release unworkable personal, family, and karmic patterns. Since these work at the subtle level, where the pattern itself rests outside of time, the sessions make powerful change without focusing on symptoms. The way is cleared before it becomes manifest in physical form. Extraction of unwanted energies and/or soul retrieval may eventually also be appropriate.

I'm also very pleased to offer a gentle, exquisite way of releasing deep trauma and stress - whether this be the shock of a life-threatening or horrendous event, or something which developed incrementally over a childhood of time. Somatic Experiencing, founded by Peter Levine (Waking the Tiger), goes beyond thinking and emotion to the core brain where survival issues reside and the language is your somatic experience. I've seen powerful results with this work, which not only clears the trauma, but also assists your core brain in creating the resilience that allows you to function better in the face of the stress, and sometimes trauma, of living in the modern world.

My background is also in Somatic Therapy, having trained with Moshe' Feldenkrais, Doris Breyer, Stan Kelemanand other neo-Reichian body therapists. I can offer you hands-on work.

I also provide counseling and mentoring, offering the wisdom of my experience and tradition in support of your highest dreams. Our goal will be to move you through your challenges and lessons toward the ripening and sharing of your gifts to the world, and the abundant life that give-away brings in return. I'm interested in taking you from what is troubling or challenging you, to where you wish to go and what you want to create for yourself. I use clearing techniques to help release the old, and do everything I can to help imprint into your consciousness teh new you are moving toward. I sometimes do simple body work; I often song, drum and rattle over you. Certainly I offer the wisdom I have gained, and always commit my spirit in support of your wholeness.

These sessions are empowering, uplifting, practical and transformational - by phone or in person. If we are able to work in person, I love to take you out into nature for transformative Healing through Ritual Action - a way of using your body and physical surroundings to create powerful change in your life.

$115 per hour,

or $400 if you commit to 4 sessions in a 3 month period
($115 for the first one, then $100, then $95 and $90.)

If you are having special financial challenge,
we can talk about how to make it work for you.


FlowerSong Retreats

Walk a Heartpath of beauty, grace, light and sweetness.

Brooke is skillful in bringing forward

your ability to clear, heal and blossom -

fulfilling your highest dreams,

and offering your finest service to life

with joy and grace.


Rediscovering the Essential Self

1. Radiance: health, nurturing (slimness, toxin clearing)

2. Spiritual connection: Oneness, guidance, nourishment, sacred relationship

3. Flexibility, power, grace: reconnecting to your body’s natural flow

4. Release: of trauma, stress, and unworkable patterns

5. Heart: purpose, love, relationship, destiny, creation

6. Service: fulfilling your highest dreams, and offering your finest service to life with joy and grace.


 A. Clearing - Somatic therapy and trauma release inspired by Feldenkrais & Peter Levine; shamanic illuminations, extractions, soul retrieval; fasting; purification lodge, good water

B. Movement - yoga, integrative functioning, hiking, trampoline, Chinese wands exercises

C. Lessons in sustainable living, simple aboriginal skills and living in oneness

D. Nourishment - learning about good food; mentoring; spiritual nurturing; music & harmony

E. Inspiration - clear air, snow-capped vistas, dream interpretation, readings by cards &/or casting of medicine stones; sustaining lifestyle, garden beauty

F. Deep Exchange –Brooke brings her wisdom presence and a loving heart into relationship with you

G. Pleasure and beauty - sweetness, positive resourcing, Tantric enrichment, sacred relationship

H. Service - Offering your energy to the land and gardens for a short time each day.

I. Intuitive Readings: casting stones, cards, nature symbolism, chakra animals

J. Focus - vision quest time for silent contemplation in nature; tracking your destiny, manifesting your dreams; planning the steps to your most beautiful future

K. Referrals - to follow up on your needs in specialized areas.

For your individual time with Brooke each day, choose:

-- personal counseling/ consultation / mentoring

- shamanic illuminations, extractions, soul retrieval

- body work and transformation - Brooke trained with Moshe' Feldenkrais

- health, wellness, weight-loss

- trauma release - Somatic Experiencing

-      readings: cards or casting of medicine stones

-      lessons in harmonious, sustainable lifeways

-      simple aboriginal skills (for comfortable living in wild nature)

-      plant awareness and living in harmony with nature

Lodging and Meals

 - tipi or small tent (with simple bed/your sleeping bags)

- gypsy wagon (must be reserved at extra cost)

 - possible space for your small RV or camper (may have electricity)

- local bed and breakfast nearby

 with simple amenities:

  cooking meals together, including organic garden greens and veggies

 (special arrangements can be made for vegetarians)

  bath/shower and basic laundry facilities,

  exquisite land, mountains and open sky.

Possible Schedules

Although your retreat is mutually created to meet your specific personal needs, each day will normally include:

- 2 hours of personal work with Brooke - with your choice of focus; (see below)

- time for movement, hiking, meditation and working on assignments 

- Enjoyment of the Landscape and Sweet Rest in the Pure Air

- We also ask that you volunteer an hour of your time to Beautify or Improve the Area around us


includes the above.


additional silent visioning day in or nearby wilderness or other special area;

 hiking or movement;

blessing ceremony;

deep rest.


additional 1-2 day vision quest, purification lodge if available;

 your personal adventure time: hiking or snow shoeing;

enjoying the area streams and lakes;

 a naming ceremony;

deeper rest.


1-day private retreat: $295

3-day private retreat: $795

7-day private retreat: $1555



 with mutual focus; planned individually.

Get together a small group

of your spiritual circle, your family, your friends or associates,

and come together

for a wonderful time of learning and deepening together.

We can create something to match your needs and pleasure.

Working together in this kind of setting, away from the daily and work distractions:

- is wonderfully restorative and healing
- and carries home with you even more strongly since you have the continuing support of those in your daily life or regular circle.

It will be a joy for Brooke to support and serve you in this way.

Small Group Retreat Examples

Women's circle learning to live more simple, deal with stress, keep spirit alive in their daily experience, learn to support each other in the process, and have a wonderful time together.

A group who work together come to have less stressed time to relax, enjoy getting to know each other more deeply and personally, and to vision a new way of making their business work.

 Small Group Pricing

Determined by number of participants, time and program.

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