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We must each learn to sing the song that Creator now offers us; this New and Golden Time is a participatory process!   ~ BME

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Winter 2015

Dear Friends and Family,


2014 was an intensely busy year, and my website has suffered by still not being totally in shape. ;-(  I did get some wonderful magic accomplished by selling my beautiful FlowerSong home in Washington - something that saddened me, yet seemed important to do since I was getting worn out with all the work it required and the little $support it provided. A wonderful and capable man bought it, moved in early with his cats to learn the ropes, helped me move, and in the process became a friend. My prayers were answered in his taking care of my own cats who got to stay ‘home’ and in his biodynamic care-taking of the land and growing things. I’m pleased to know that I can visit there and pick some of that wonderful fruit down the line.

And another dream has been made manifest. I am now living in Ecuador this winter to visit my sister Andrea, who lives here now, and to check this lovely country out as a place to be in the winter and have a non-USA residence to enjoy. I left my gypsy wagon at my friend Heyoka’s in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, which feels like home in that part of the world. I spent a month there after leaving FlowerSong; then visited friend Mariah’s beautiful Rainbow Hearth Retreat near Austin Texas. Then good pal Elaine (whose invaluable help got me packed and moved) joined me in hopping the plane for Ecuador.

Spring will find me flying into Milan to enjoy time with old friend Manuela in her amazing community - Damanhur. Then Venice, maybe the magic of Slovenia, and down through Italy into Malta, where a dream will come true visiting the goddess caves and perhaps recording a bit there. Then I’ll fly to Spain to teach, on to Paris and sharing in France, then a Medicine Wheel gathering and offerings in Germany. I’ll conclude my 3 months by speaking at a shamanic conference in England, as well as more teaching and travel there. It is all wonderful, yet the real- time challenges of leaving home behind for 7 months and packing a suitcase for all these travels that contains what I need to live and teach (in a size I can drag around) - has been most interesting. (You can find my teaching schedule here.) I plan to create a place for travel news and photos on my website; in the meantime those of you on Facebook can follow along there.

I’m in process of creating the next level of my service and offering to the world in this time of world crises at so many levels. First comes some much-needed rest and exploration of inner and outer worlds. My health and energy are continuing to return to their usual high level, as I rebuild from the debilitation of a year’s undiagnosed giardia. Not being well nourished was very hard on my body, for sure.

Teaching and sharing in Europe will be a real joy. I have a deep longing to be there, and feel that I will return many times. There is so much to do and see, and my time this spring will be mostly devoted to teaching. My dear friend and music magician Ani Williams has invited me to visit the Rennes de Chateau region and follow the Mary Magdalene lines - another dream that will come true as the time is right. Then we’ll likely invite you to come along - that will take place next year, as well as perhaps some winter retreats in the sweetness of Ecuador.

My understanding of White Buffalo Woman and Dawn Star’s teachings has deepened, and I know that expression of holiness, love and light will figure strongly in what I am to share. As the people of the world seek unity, peace and good relationship, this wisdom is very timely.

Last winter I read BUFFALO WOMAN COMES SINGING onto MP3 for a download. I truly enjoyed immersing myself in the wonderful teachings there, and I think you might too. A few songs and some timely comments were added along the way.

I'm participating in an international summit on Moontime / Red Tent teachings, and am so pleased to see women around the world finding the health and power of those women’s mysteries. The Moon-Time series and many other of my teachings are now available for download too, so please check them out.

Ecuador has many devoted people working toward peace and renewal of the earth. Right now I’m planning to go back to the beautiful little village of Vilcabamba where friends are emerging into a leadership role in reopening key sacred sites globally. For example, they are spearheading a global campaign for the "Declaration for the Restoration of Mother Earth." The Four Nations (known as "the Kogi") have found sacred sites there to re-open, and will be there in February.

I send my love and best wishes to each of you in this good new year. So much is possible as we find the love and caring in our own hearts, and express that in the world. I appreciate your staying in touch.

Love and blessings, Brooke



   During my years of personal vision quest, and especially at the final one on Bear Butte, the messages were strongly about the nurturing and renewing power of the Feminine – telling us that loving and awake and empowered women are to be the primary upliftment of planetary humanity, both in what they do themselves, and as well in what they teach and share with all others about living a way of good relationship. In recent years, the one I call Dawn Star Woman, Mary Magdalen, who carries the feminine form of unconditional love, seems to me to be high goddess of our evolving time.

Personally, I have been in a very intense time, one that my friend Angeles Arrien and I decided could only be called a shamanic dismemberment – a stripping away down to the bone at all levels. This has allowed me to find, embrace and clear many of the old, negative and traumatic things from my childhood which were like the sludge  at the bottom of a very beautiful pool: until you stir it up, it can’t be cleared and always discolors the radiance of the pool.  I sense that Mother Earth is asking this same thing of all of us – that we find, embrace, integrate, and/or clear away those things which are not of the new time – anything which is not loving, harmonious, unifying, sharing, cooperating and uplifting.

The wonderful part of this shamanic process is that if it doesn’t kill you wink , it heals you and allows you to emerge at a higher level. I sense this is a 9 year process for me, and am feeling the stirrings of my teacher self wanting to share with you the amazing and healing experiences which have been transformative for me.

I understood early on in this process that the best thing I could do for myself  would be to get absolutely as physically healthy as possible, in parallel with the spiritual and emotional healing that was taking place. I have renewed and revitalized myself at almost every level, so that I am youthful, radiant and happy, full of vital life and open-hearted in loving this sweet world and All My Relations. I’d like to help you feel the same at all levels!

         Sharing this with individuals through my FlowerSong retreats will be a focus for next summer. Please take a look at my site and contact me if you have interest in coming into this little Eden next summer to learn, grow, heal and awaken in beauty!!! 

         Assistance is also required to keep this little paradise productive and humming. If you’d like to come, serve, and learn, check this information

         I invite you to open your own heart to receive the love and light that is coming in to uplift us and All Our Relations at this time. We’ll get a wonderful boost in several ways before the end of the year, and be able to move into 2013 with more and more capacity to truly be PEOPLE MADE OF HONEY!

         Love and blessings,  Brooke, Chalise

Events & Offerings

Brooke Invites you!

Feb 1-28 2015 FREE Red Tent International Telesummit

Come to the FREE Red Tent International Summit with Brooke and 27 other teachers sharing women's mysteries, Moontime information, and womb wisdom.

Sign up for free here!:


2015 European Schedule


March 2015 – MALTA

Brooke will be in Malta in late March and will do several evenings of teachings. For more info and dates, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).



April 2015 – SPAIN

Early April: southern Spain - Malaga- Talleres y consultas privadas con Brooke Medicine Eagle en Marbella

Para mas información contactar con Claire Jozan-Meisel

Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address),


April 17 2015 – Coruna

A week of workshops, teachings and private consultations. Details to follow.

Contact: Monica Soene, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


April 24 2015 – San Sebastian

Teachings and consultations sponsored by the center: Izarpe: Instituto de Ciencias Intuitivas y Terapeuticas.

25th - Workshop; WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN’S HOLY WAY + evening Circle for Women: MOONTIME MYSTERIES

Contact:, Tfno: 943 431 210 - 687 736 749


May 2015 – FRANCE

Early May - check for details

Ateliers Paris et Province en journées et en soirées + Consultations privées avec Brooke Medicine Eagle.

Pour plus d'informations contacter Claire Jozan-Meisel, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address),


May 2015 – GERMANY

Late May - check for details

From my sponsor Sylvia: contact to register directly: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address); more info will be at my website


98634 Schafhausen, Near Fulda, Germany

May, 14-17 2015 - International Medicine wheel gathering following Sun Bears Vision

Brooke Medicine Eagle and other earth-oriented teachers from different countries come together around the medicine wheel to open their bundles and share their knowledge.

Information and registration: Bear Tribe Germany/Sylvia Wollwert, phone: 0049 - (0) - 5725-708857, email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) / homepage:


31595 Steyerberg, North Germany

May, 23-25 2015 - Weekend Workshop "Walking the Path of the Heart"

Brooke will share profound teachings from her FlowerSong lineage about the primacy of the heart and love in our awakening to the Golden Age. More than simple emotion, it is a rich and full pathway to a good and blessed life in which we offer our highest gifts, manifest our dreams, and serve our world. Come ready to learn, share, chant and dance in sacred circle.

For more information and registration contact: Lebensgarten Steyerberg, 0049-(0)-5764-2370 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) / homepage:


32699 Extertal, North Germany

May, 29-31 - Weekend Workshop "Womens Mysteries"

Brooke’s visions have made clear the vital role of women in the transformation of our lives and our planet. She will share with you the spiritual charge we carry and the power we have been given to accomplish it, for ourselves, our families and the world. In addition to the spiritual aspect, she will offer information about a women’s physical journey from menarche to moon-pause. We will share, do shamanic journey, chant, and move in sacred circle. If possible, wear a skirt or shawl wrap for our ceremony.

For more information and registration contact: Sylvia Wollwert, phone: 0049-(0)-5725-708857 email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) / homepage:


German Version:

98634 Schafhausen, Thüringische Rhön, Nähe Fulda

14.-17. Mai 2015: 10. Internationales Medizinradtreffen nach Sun Bears Vision

Brooke Medicine Eagle und viele andere Referenten aus verschiedenen Ländern versammeln sich um das Medizinrad, um ihr Erdverbundenes Wissen zu teilen.

Info und Anmeldung: Bärenstamm / Sylvia Wollwert, Telefon: 0049 - (0) - 5725-708857, email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) / homepage:

31595 Steyerberg, Norddeutschland

23.-25. Mai Wochenend-Workshop "Den Weg des Herzens gehen"

Brooke Medicine Eagle wird in diesem Workshop das Wissen ihrer FlowerSong-Linie teilen. Kern des Teachings ist die Erkenntnis, dass es in unserer Zeit unerlässlich ist, dem Herzen und der Liebe Vorrang vor allem anderen zu geben. Es geht dabei um viel mehr als um „Gefühle“, es geht um einen reichen undwichtigen Erkenntnisweg in ein gutes, gesegnetes Leben, in dem wir unsere größten Gaben teilen, unsere Träume manifestieren und unserer Mit-Welt und dem goßen Ganzen dienen können. Mit Dawnstar & White Buffalo Woman (Morgenstern & Weiße Büffelfrau) kamen zwei bedeutende Wegweiser, die uns mit ihren Lehren beim Übergang ins sog. „goldene Zeitalter“, in eine neue Zeit von Frieden, Fülle und liebevollem Licht unterstützen.

Info und Anmeldung: Lebensgarten Steyerberg, Telefon: 0049-(0)-5764-2370, email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) / homepage:

32699 Extertal, Norddeutschland

29.-31. Mai Wochenend Workshop "Frauen Mond Mysterien"

Laut Brooke Medicine Eagles  Visionen spielen Frauen eine zentrale Rolle in der Transformation unseres Planeten und unseres persönlichen Lebens. Brooke wird mit uns den spirituellen Auftrag teilen, den wir Frauen bekommen haben und die dazugehörige Kraft, ihn für uns, unsere Familien und die Welt zu erfüllen. Zusätzlich zum spirituellen Aspekt wird sie Informationen über die körperliche Reise jeder Frau von der Menarche zur Mondpause vermitteln. Dieser Workshop bietet Gelegenheit, Dich tiefer mit dem weiblichen Weg zu verbinden. Freut euch darauf, tief in das fließend Weibliche einzutauchen. Bitte bringt Rasseln, Trommeln, Röcke und Schals und einfache Zeremonialkleidung mit – etwas Rotes für die Menarche und etwas Schwarzes oder Dunkles für die Mondpause-Zeremonien.

Info und Anmeldung: Sylvia Wollwert, Telefon: 0049 - (0) - 5725-708857, email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), homepage:


2015 UK / ENGLAND Schedule


June 6-8 2015 – London - THE SHAMANIC LANDS: Uniting the Wisdom of British and World Shamanism

The teachings will draw upon the practices and knowledge of shamanism in these isles with authentic wisdom keepers that span a variety of paths, from Celtic to Anglo-Saxon, Wiccan to Pagan and Druid to Norse, while at the same time celebrating and uniting with the indigenous shamans of other lands. Also for those who attend: Brooke will teach a Monday workshop to extend your understanding of WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN’S GIFTS.

Contact & details:


June 10 2015, 7:00-10:00pm – Champlain's Wellness Centre - Great Mongeham - Deal Kent

An evening with Brooke Medicine Eagle: Brooke will share with you her wisdom and songs from the heart

For booking please contact Seersha on 07809722097 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


June 13 2015, 10:00-5.00pm – Shamanka Starhouse - Middle Piocaddilly - Holwell - Dorset

One day workshop - White Buffalo Woman’s Gifts. This workshop is open to women only and focus on women’s mysteries.

For booking please contact Seersha on 07809722097 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

2015 USA & Canada Schedule


July - September 2015: near Missoula, Montana - Retreats and events at Earth and Sky Temple.

Also arranging personal visioning time in the beauty nearby. More details as they become available.

Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


August 21-24 2015 – Montreal: IIIHS International Consciousness conference - DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE QUANTUM FIELD

The superficial duality of the nature of human beings as bodies separate from souls, or hearts separate from minds, is caused by limitations in consciousness. Modern contemporary science is applying the Quantum Field Theory to transcend such perceived dualities and gain insight into Oneness. The Unity and Oneness of Creation has been perceived in super-consciousness states by Saints and Sages of all ages, in all religions and cultures. We are at a critical time where we must see the subtle oneness that unites all of us in Divine love, harmony, and peace. The marriage of Science and Spirituality that the SSF-IIIHS has promoted for the last 40 years has taken the lead towards this exciting transformation into a golden new humanity!

Tel: 514-937-8359

Fax: 514-937-5380

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


September 11-13  Simi Valley, California  - Goddess Conference “Earth Mother Wisdom – The Power of Devotion”

We are returning to our Mother as Earth, going deep to explore the power of Divine connection through the body and heart. Brooke’s presentation: Taking Refuge...Holiness & the Principles of White Buffalo Woman.

Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



~ Past Events ~

Jan 15 - Mar 15 2014, FlowerSong South: Sedona Session

Come join me in beautiful, high-vibation Sedona, AZ this winter! I am now scheduling private sessions, retreat and questing time, plus sacred sites tours. Details will be worked out as the time approaches, yet it’s best to get your time booked ASAP.

View or download the full brochure (PDF) for all the details!

Feb 1-28 2014 FREE Red Tent International Telesummit

Come to the FREE Red Tent International Summit with Brooke and 27 other teachers sharing women's mysteries, Moontime information, and womb wisdom.

Sign up for free here!:


Feb 14 2014, FREE Inner Warrior Summit

Join FREE to hear Brooke, Sandra Ingerman and 20+ other experts in the fields of self-inquiry, empowerment, and alternative healing – sharing unique pathways to power and healing, providing you with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to draw to help you reclaim your power, and find renewed clarity and direction in your life.  February 1st – 18th

Brooke’s talk on HEART AND HOLINESS airs Feb. 14.  Please join us!

For more information about the summit and sign-up, click here.


June 6-8 2014, Midwest Women's Herbal Conference

Centered in the Wise Woman Tradition, the conference provides a gathering place to focus on Earth-centered healing, nourishment, and the plants that grow around us. Join Brooke for her pre-conference workshop, and then a group of wonderful herbal teachers and learners in a lovely camp setting near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

For registration and information:

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


June 27-29 2014, Fairy Congress "Presence in Unity: Co-Creation and Deep Soul Nourishment" - Carlton, WA

This year’s theme offers a very still place, a place of listening intently so as to truly integrate the communication coming to you, and to truly feel in your deepest heart the oneness of being in the present moment together, exchanging – uniting – seeing – being together.

"The Fairy Congress is not a New Age forum event. It’s about Doing, Joining, Sharing, looking to the future. In a collapsing world economy, Fairy Congress gives us an idea of another way of living, another way of thinking. Some of it comes from ancestral wisdom, some from new human visions of departing from the greed of commercial modernism. Fairy Congress is an Idealist event, a Visionary event, and an event buoyant with hope and friendship." -R.J. Stewart, Celtic teacher
Phone: 509-997-1032
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Address: Fairy Congress, Skalitude Retreat, PO Box 74, Carlton, WA 98814-0074

Videos & Spoken Audio

Parts of the new series from Sacred Mysteries: Women of Wisdom with Shaman Healers Maria Teresa, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Maria Yraceburu, presented by Alberto Villoldo and directed by Sharron Rose:


FREE listening: Brooke Medicine Eagle on




ANCIENT WISDOM OF THE FEMININE: SERVING THE WORLD THROUGH MOONTIME PRACTICE – radio show with Magdala Ramirez of Sacred Woman Organization


EARTH-BASED WISDOM – Interview with Lee Warren of Red Moon Herbs for Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference


INNER PEACE TREATY DIALOGUES (Part One & Part Two) – With Luminaries in Alternative Healing

Two-part event focused on sharing the wisdom of some of the founding mothers and fathers of holistic medicine and self-healing - Brooke, Norm Shealy MD, and Alice Yeager


VISIONARY CULTURE – interview with Laura Fox

Brooke Medicine Eagle is my guest - an elder of the awakening consciousness movement. Brooke has been a diligent teacher, author and earth steward for many years. Featuring conscious, world-service oriented musicians, artists, scientists, leading edge social thinkers and social architects, visionaries,and people making a difference, Visionary Culture Radio is your portalway to activating 'possibilities' into manifestation.