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Welcome, Friends and Family!

We must each learn to sing the song that Creator now offers us; this New and Golden Time is a participatory process!   ~ BME

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Brooke, Sandra Ingerman and 20+ other experts in the fields of self-inquiry, empowerment, and alternative healing. We shared our unique pathways to power and healing, providing you with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to draw from and help you reclaim your power, and find renewed clarity and direction in your life. February 2014.


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October 23, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for coming to visit my website, which is definitely a work in process! I have been basically on an extended retreat, resting from being on the road for 35 years, while putting on the ground all the principles I have been teaching for all these years regarding Earth Harmony and sustainable living.  

I so enjoyed living, loving life and making beauty at FLOWERSONG - an exquisite orchard garden retreat sanctuary in north central Washington – in a quiet and sweet fruit-growing, ranching valley. FLOWERSONG is dedicated to the expression of love and light which supports the flowering of our two-legged family and All Our Relations.

Please note that I am making available for download some wonderful teachings  and music. I’d love to support your life with them, and be supported in turn!

It’s wonderful to be clear, awake and open-hearted at this amazing time on sweet Mother Earth, as the love and light comes in assist her movement into a new and golden time – Lady Gaia at her most beautiful! We passed into this new Age at the end of last year, and are now being showered with the high energies that will help us begin to move ourselves joyfully into a harmonious and abundant way of life. Since this Golden Age is prophecied to be 1000 years long, we are just tiny newborns in it.

One of the Mayan groups speaks of the people of the new time as “people made of honey”, and I love that image. It means we will be SWEET, deeply connected with flowers and creating wonderful, nurturing, healing things for all around us! It’s a practice for me to ask myself, “How can I be made of honey today? What kind of being and doing will help the flowering of life on Earth today?”

My home was named FLOWERSONG, which comes from the teachings shared by the wisdom teachers of the Americas who studied the Dawn Star’s ways in the central American temples and then came back north, spreading loving wisdom about the flowering of the Earth and All Our Relations. We will built the new world on these ways.   

Again, thank you for stopping by to visit. I will continue to update my travel and teaching schedule, as well as my email list, so please stop back by to see where in the world I will be. Perhaps we will be able to meet up somewhere soon.

Many blessings,


   During my years of personal vision quest, and especially at the final one on Bear Butte, the messages were strongly about the nurturing and renewing power of the Feminine – telling us that loving and awake and empowered women are to be the primary upliftment of planetary humanity, both in what they do themselves, and as well in what they teach and share with all others about living a way of good relationship. In recent years, the one I call Dawn Star Woman, Mary Magdalen, who carries the feminine form of unconditional love, seems to me to be high goddess of our evolving time.

Personally, I have been in a very intense time, one that my friend Angeles Arrien and I decided could only be called a shamanic dismemberment – a stripping away down to the bone at all levels. This has allowed me to find, embrace and clear many of the old, negative and traumatic things from my childhood which were like the sludge  at the bottom of a very beautiful pool: until you stir it up, it can’t be cleared and always discolors the radiance of the pool.  I sense that Mother Earth is asking this same thing of all of us – that we find, embrace, integrate, and/or clear away those things which are not of the new time – anything which is not loving, harmonious, unifying, sharing, cooperating and uplifting.

The wonderful part of this shamanic process is that if it doesn’t kill you wink , it heals you and allows you to emerge at a higher level. I sense this is a 9 year process for me, and am feeling the stirrings of my teacher self wanting to share with you the amazing and healing experiences which have been transformative for me.

I understood early on in this process that the best thing I could do for myself  would be to get absolutely as physically healthy as possible, in parallel with the spiritual and emotional healing that was taking place. I have renewed and revitalized myself at almost every level, so that I am youthful, radiant and happy, full of vital life and open-hearted in loving this sweet world and All My Relations. I’d like to help you feel the same at all levels!

         Sharing this with individuals through my FlowerSong retreats will be a focus for next summer. Please take a look at my site and contact me if you have interest in coming into this little Eden next summer to learn, grow, heal and awaken in beauty!!! 

         Assistance is also required to keep this little paradise productive and humming. If you’d like to come, serve, and learn, check this information

         I invite you to open your own heart to receive the love and light that is coming in to uplift us and All Our Relations at this time. We’ll get a wonderful boost in several ways before the end of the year, and be able to move into 2013 with more and more capacity to truly be PEOPLE MADE OF HONEY!

         Love and blessings,  Brooke, Chalise

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Jan 15 - Mar 15, FlowerSong South: Sedona Session

Come join me in beautiful, high-vibation Sedona, AZ this winter! I am now scheduling private sessions, retreat and questing time, plus sacred sites tours. Details will be worked out as the time approaches, yet it’s best to get your time booked ASAP.

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Feb 1-28 FREE Red Tent International Telesummit

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Feb 14, FREE Inner Warrior Summit

Join FREE to hear Brooke, Sandra Ingerman and 20+ other experts in the fields of self-inquiry, empowerment, and alternative healing – sharing unique pathways to power and healing, providing you with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to draw to help you reclaim your power, and find renewed clarity and direction in your life.  February 1st – 18th

Brooke’s talk on HEART AND HOLINESS airs Feb. 14.  Please join us!

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June 6-8, Midwest Women's Herbal Conference

Centered in the Wise Woman Tradition, the conference provides a gathering place to focus on Earth-centered healing, nourishment, and the plants that grow around us. Join Brooke for her pre-conference workshop, and then a group of wonderful herbal teachers and learners in a lovely camp setting near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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June 27-29, Fairy Congress "Presence in Unity: Co-Creation and Deep Soul Nourishment" - Carlton, WA

This year’s theme offers a very still place, a place of listening intently so as to truly integrate the communication coming to you, and to truly feel in your deepest heart the oneness of being in the present moment together, exchanging – uniting – seeing – being together.

"The Fairy Congress is not a New Age forum event. It’s about Doing, Joining, Sharing, looking to the future. In a collapsing world economy, Fairy Congress gives us an idea of another way of living, another way of thinking. Some of it comes from ancestral wisdom, some from new human visions of departing from the greed of commercial modernism. Fairy Congress is an Idealist event, a Visionary event, and an event buoyant with hope and friendship." -R.J. Stewart, Celtic teacher
Phone: 509-997-1032
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Address: Fairy Congress, Skalitude Retreat, PO Box 74, Carlton, WA 98814-0074

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