Welcome to my Blog Journal, ARISING: EARTH & SPIRIT!

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This journal tracks what I am exploring and learning, and of course, wanting to share. I know that as more of us awaken, arise and act in a felt experience of Love and Lightness, we will allow Mother Earth to be uplifted into her role as Lady Gaia – home for harmony, peace, abundance and the richness of shared life-fulfillment with All Our Relations.

You’ll find wide-ranging topics from Earth-based spirituality to cutting-edge brain research; sustainable-living skills to health practices; and more. Plus, I’ll give you exercises and experiences when I can. Always included will be lots of photos of the places on this sweet planet that I am touching in my exploration of world citizenship and sharing….

MY INTENTION IS TO INFORM, INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE AND ACTIVATE YOU! Won’t you join me on this amazing journey?