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Red Tent International Telesummit

Come to the FREE Red Tent International Summit with Brooke and 27 other teachers sharing women's mysteries, Moontime information, and womb wisdom. This World Summit runs February 1st – February 28, and you need to Sign Up Now to reserve your spot!

The time has come to give voice to women’s silent stories, to reverse cultural shame and taboos - by finding the true depth, insight, and soul-nourishment inherent in our Menstrual Cycle. The Red Tents In Every Neighborhood World Summit: an inspiring and empowering Online event for women, which will start on February 1st, and continue for the entire month of February, which is dedicated to the Celtic Goddess Brigid.

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Brooke's Moon Lodge Series: Red Tent Exclusive Sale!

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Moon Time

Buffalo Woman Is Calling song • Buffalo Woman • Cycle of Grandmother Moon • Calling vision • Moon lodges of the past • The Grandmother Lodge • Early menopause • Belly-womb-center • Belly connection to all that is • Developing oneness & relationship • Birthing vision • Awakening belly / womb power • Buffalo Woman Is Calling song


Moon Lodge

The Moon Lodge environment • Moon Circle Network • Hoops of eight women • Coming to a Moon Lodge • Families & the Moon Lodge • New moon gatherings • The knowledge we need lives within us • Ceremony of Her Alone They Sing Over • Grandmother ceremony • Moon Lodge Activities • River song • Grandmother dance



These teachings are a part of the meantime (menstrual) series Brooke has created to awaken women to the ancient mysteries alive within their bodies. This teaching focuses on the lessons and the rituals involved in the passage from girlhood to womanhood—a young woman's first moontime. In this time, there is a great change required of us two-leggeds in order to live well upon our sweet Mother Earth. Part of this transformation will be a renewal of ritual and ceremony which honors the cycles of our lives and that of Earth and Sky. This teaching offers lessons and rituals for a most important and sacred passage in women's lives: menarche. This is a time when a woman becomes like her Mother Earth—able to nurture and renew life.


Grandmother Wisdom

In many tribal ways, the white-hairs, the wisdom women, those initiated into the Grandmother Lodge, were the most powerful leaders of the people. The were in charge of the primal and most essential law of life: the nurturing and renewing of all life through the feminine principle. We must renew this way of being for moon-pause (menopause) women, so that the great wisdom, life experience, and resources they have built over their lives are not denigrated and wasted as they grow older. This elder time must again become a stage of life revered and honored by others, and used powerfully in service by the women themselves. These wisest of women must help us by their example and admonish us to revere all peoples and all circles of life upon this earth. It is not only important for the dignity and self-esteem of each moon-pause woman, but vital for the continuance of life on our sweet Mother Earth. Through this teaching, I send special love and honoring to all moon-pause women, and challenge you, each in your own unique way, to commit to the nurturing and renewal of all life, which is the charge of the Grandmother Lodge.



Brooke's Moon Series Articles

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New Moon Rising – Reclaiming the Sacred Rites of Menstruation

By Linda Heron Wind, Ph.D.

The time has come for the voice of women’s experience to be heard. It is the voice that values relationships and connection to all things in the circle of life. This voice comes from the deepest parts of our beings, those parts that know Earth as Mother, Moon as Grandmother, and the plants and animals as our brothers and sisters. It speaks to all women as our sisters and to all men as our brothers, and it calls us to re-member our wholeness and our holiness. The voice of women’s experience speaks through this book – voices from the past, from the present, and from the future – calling women everywhere to honor their heritage and their birthright.  While this book focuses on honoring the menstrual cycle, at the same time it teaches us to see ourselves as women of value and power who have much wisdom to offer a world that desperately needs our vision.  It calls us to claim our power, to become warriors who stand firm in our centers and in our truth.  As we reclaim our menstrual rites (and rights), we discover who we really are as women. To the women who read these words and feel them in their bellies, welcome to the dance!

$10 (paperback)

Grandmothers of the Wind – Menopause, Wisdom, and Power

By Linda Heron Wind, Ph.D.

Millions of women from the sixties’ and seventies’ generations are embarking on a journey through menopause. These women worked hard to gain power and value as women in our society. Will they also learn to keep their power as moonpause women? Will they transform how their society thinks about older women and restore the wise women to their place of power within our culture? Will they insist on nurturing for all the children? Will they bring love and harmony to all Earth’s children? Will they bring love and harmony to all Earth’s children? Will they say what they know to be true without fear? Menopause is an initiation into wisdom. Grandmothers of the Wind calls you to make the journey, accept the challenge, claim your wisdom, and give it back as a gift to your community and world.

$10 (paperpack)