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August 2015 – MONTREAL - IIIHS International Consciousness Conference: Divine Consciousness in the Quantum Field

  • 1974 de Maisonneuve West Montreal, QC H3H 1K5 Canada (map)

The superficial duality of the nature of human beings as bodies separate from souls, or hearts separate from minds, is caused by limitations in consciousness. Modern contemporary science is applying the Quantum Field Theory to transcend such perceived dualities and gain insight into Oneness. The Unity and Oneness of Creation has been perceived in super-consciousness states by Saints and Sages of all ages, in all religions and cultures. We are at a critical time where we must see the subtle oneness that unites all of us in Divine love, harmony, and peace. The marriage of Science and Spirituality that the SSF-IIIHS has promoted for the last 40 years has taken the lead towards this exciting transformation into a golden new humanity!