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October 2016 - Harvesting Power, Beauty and Magic: For A New Time on Mother Earth

At Pebble Ledge Ranch, Novelty, near Cleveland, Ohio.

At this time of challenge and change on our beautiful planet, we must do our best to offer what is powerful and workable into the energy stream. At the highest, this offering is LOVE and HOLINESS - teachings that come to us from Brooke's Dawn Star and White Buffalo Woman lineages.

We will gather in circle, call in our finest allies, sing and dance our Love into the Earth - vibrating it inward and upward for the benefit of all. In our final Sun and Earth Dance, we will use what we have learned to send forth powerful intentions for our life, and for this beautiful Lady Gaia upon whom we live. Come ready for a magical experience of being vitally alive!

Bring simple ceremonial clothing for our final dance.

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