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September 2017 - Reclaiming The Wise Woman Elder - Free Online Series

My friend and colleague Ariana Newcomer has invited me to speak in the “Reclaiming The Wise Woman Elder - for the healing of Earth” online series.  I’m excited to extend an invitation for you to listen to me, Riane Eisler, Barbara Marx Hubbard and more. 

If you are wanting to to discover how to be a vibrant, alive, relevant change maker as an elder woman, join us!

You’ll learn to tap into your creative energy and light as a wise elder.   

This online video series is FREE!  CLICK HERE  

join us, and you’ll also discover how to:

  • Move beyond limiting beliefs and stories about old women to claim your unique elder wisdom.
  • Help create the partnership paradigm for deep cultural and personal transformation.
  • Release blocks to using your authentic voice and power.
  • Bridge your spirituality with the “real world” and politics, so you can make the impact you desire.
  • Weave your life experience into a beautiful business helping others. 
  • Help the climate in your own community. 
  • Be healthy and juicy through menopause and beyond.
  • Make menopause and after a highly creative, powerful time. 
  • Why moving into partnership with women makes men more whole.
  • And so much more!

You’ll also get to see a true spiritual partnership between a man and a woman in action, and learn why women elders are especially important at this time.

Plus, you'll receive some amazing free gifts and resources designed to assist you on this incredible journey of becoming a Wise Woman Elder for the Earth! 

When you go to this link and join us for this powerful interview series, you’ll learn why women elders are uniquely qualified to help create change NOW. You'll hear personal stories about how we developed our wisdom and became thought-leaders and change makers. You’ll learn some potent and invaluable tools for creating deep personal and cultural transformation.

Brooke Medicine Eagle

PS: You don’t want to miss this event, click to SIGN UP for the Reclaiming The Wise Woman Elder – for the healing of Earth summit. 

And I want you to know, when you purchase an All-Access Pass, Ariana is donating a percentage of proceeds to the Center For Partnership Studies, Riane Eisler’s organization. I will also receive a commission.

See you there!