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July 3o - Aug 5 2018 Glastonbury, England 

Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2018:  MOON MAIDEN

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Fringe  workshop    10-4   M July 30 


 Self Healing and World Service

Women’s sacred wisdom and moon-time teachings have been a part of native understanding down through time. The cycles of the moon were an integral part of women’s lives and guided their own internal cycles in a powerful movement of dark and light, descent and ascent.

Women in our time are being called upon to “save the world”, and we need the power of these practices to empower ourselves, find rich happiness in our own lives, and to open our visionary abilities. Brooke will share with you these ancient teachings, as well as practices you can do in your daily life to create more health, womb awareness, feelings of support, deepening spirit, and service to the world around you. She will take you through the rite White Buffalo Woman brought to the people for the awakening maiden, share with you about the commitment of moon-pause women, and much more.

We will dance to the Moon’s rhythms, sing her praise songs, go on shamanic journey, and find rich wisdom in the beauty of our circle. 


Conference workshop   TH   2.5 hours 

TO THE MOON AND BACK - A Journey of Discovery

You will journey into the still darkness, when the Grandmother Moon’s face is covered, to ask for her guidance as you descend into a challenging, unclear place in your own life. We will discover the power of going deep, of using Owl Medicine to see our way, knowing that in staying awake for the descent, we can move through that night, hunting and finding what we need to allow the morning light to dawn there.   

And we will dance to the arising light, steps of integration and completion. 

Then we will journey into the bright richness of the full moon, to gather her powerful insights for moving forward in our lives, carrying an intention from that deepest place upward and into manifestation, ascending toward a higher level of being and becoming. 

Again, we will dance a joyful circles and in final simple yet powerful ceremony, express our intention and receive the loving support of all the goddess present!  

Join me for a very special and beneficial time…. 

TH 45 minute talk on MoonCycle Honoring:

The Power & Importance of Moontime Practice: Health & Service  — Because our modern societies and patriarchal systems have not honored Moontime, we have forgotten how vital it is to not only our own lives, but those of All Our Relations. Brooke will help you re-member this vital  practice and it’s direct connection to Grandmother Moon.

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Later Event: August 10
August 10-12 London, UK