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May 2017 - Walking the Path of the Heart - Perth, Scotland

17-21 LENDRICK LODGE Perth, Scotland


7pm Wed – 2pm Sun

For the first time ever, you’re invited to be part of a journey of healing,walking in a sacred manner, and awakening the heart with Brooke Medicine Eagle at Lendrick Lodge. This transformative work is for you and, through you, for the healing of All Our Relations and Mother Earth.  

Brooke, who has ancestors in five Native American tribes, is a rainbow teacher and Earthkeeper, drawing from the wisdom of many sacred ways. As she has Scottish ancestors, this gathering is a magical homecoming. Over these days and evenings together, Brooke will share wisdom and healing through her powerful teachings, songs, and dance, and the medicine of her drum. Her work catalyzes wholeness, and helps us connect deeply to ancestral power.  

In this integrated and powerful time together, Brooke will teach you techniques and processes to make use of the power which resides within your body. You will hear about:

• positive resourcing for empowerment and recovery from trauma 

• healing; awareness through movement 

• ancestral clearing for personal and global health.

This transformative journey will include:

o An earth ritual for healing and purification, letting go of the past

o A cacao plant ceremony, for harmony, wellbeing and healing

o Honouring the oneness through the Chanupa (sacred pipe)

- Visioning time in the beauty of nature

- A final dedication ceremony. (Together we will create a ceremony of wholeness, holiness and healing for All Our Relations. Gathering in circle, we will call in our finest allies, sing and dance our Love into the ground, vibrating it inward and upward for the benefit of all.)

Brooke will offer an evening teaching, just for women, about their moon mysteries and amazing spiritual capacities - sharing profound guidance she got on a vision quest. In this remarkable opportunity to come together with women, we will explore the innate beauty and power within us which can move us forward into healthy, joyous, meaningful lives.

We have a natural tendency, in any kind of joy or challenge, to come together. These are times that call for our very best, and my intention is to deepen and empower you – to set you on a chosen path of beauty and offering to All of Life – a pathway that leads to your own transformation and the uplifting support of a larger community in the throes of surging change. Lendrick Lodge’s Stephen Mulhearn will work with the men, offering wisdom and guidance for clarity and harmony within self.

We will learn to open to the Oneness, manifest our dreams through “White Buffalo Woman’s womb”, and walk forward in greater harmony and serve, for All Our Relations.’ Brooke Medicine Eagle

Brooke’s lineage is an amazing rainbow, and she has always identified with the richness of all humanity, rather than any one tribe or people. She has ancestors in five native tribes as well as European blood from Scotland, Ireland, and Denmark. She is a non-traditional member of the Crow Indian tribe in Montana.

Brooke’s healing songs are famous all around the world, and to have this legendary Earthkeeper share her teachings is a rare gift not to be missed.

Bring simple ceremonial wear - skirt, shirt, belt, shawl … - for the ceremony, as well as drums, rattles, and power objects for the altar.  Come ready to move and be moved!!