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June 2017 - Women's Gathering - Lausanne, Switzerland

June 8-11Lausanne, Switzerland

THE SACRED AND THE SENSUAL: Awakening The Magic of Earth, Body and Spirit

Ceremony & Workshop June 10-112017

June 10 : 7pm

June 11 : 10am-6pm



..the gravitational draw that holds us to the ground was once known as EROS, as Desire! — 

the lovelorn yearning of our body for the larger Body of Earth, and of the earth for us. 

The old affinity between gravity and desire remains evident, perhaps when we say we have fallen in love…..  

David Abram  


Your body is magic! And, at oh so many levels…. During this remarkable time with Brooke, you will explore your sensuous and wise connection to the power and wisdom of your body - and may perhaps fall in love with Life! We will focus on awakening true Feminine power, so important as we come into the time of the rising Feminine on Earth. Your womb is the most magical and mysterious place in the human body, and so will be the center of our work and meditations. In addition, you will tune to your profound love for the body of Earth, alive with Spirit, who gifted us this sweet planet and our earth-robes to awaken, empower and enjoy. 


This “earth robe” is where we live while we are in body, and Creator has given us enormous possibility through this amazing vehicle. Shamans and seers down through time, as well as cutting edge modern research, give us remarkable and empowering information about how to use the magic of our physical body in transformation - whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual, whether moving toward excellence or recovering from extraordinary trauma and life challenges, in both your personal transfiguration and the upliftment of our human family to live sustainably and harmoniously on this sweet Earth.


In this empowering and joyful time together, Brooke will teach you techniques and processes to make use of the power which resides within your body and your connection with the larger body of Life. You will likely* hear about:

-  the arising of the Great Mother 

- your womb as center of your true power 

- the alchemy of sensuality and sexuality 

- learning to support the men in your life and receive what you need and want from them

- ancestral clearing for all feminine issues 

- choosing to build inner resources for daily empowerment, as well as recovery from trauma 

- healing heartbreak; other implications for healing 

- deep hormonal support and nourishment for women and men / relationships; human connection and bonding 

 -  manifestation through White Buffalo Woman’s starry womb

- diencephalon, metabolic reset and weight loss

- the true meaning of Eros - connecting with the Earth & the natural world’s wisdom 

- your instinctual urge to step into service. 



June 10 : 7pm - We begin our time with an evening ceremony outside the city at « The Douzilles, aux Thioleyres (entre Puidoux et Oron-la-Ville » We will dance in sacred configurations to awaken our spirits and offer our love to Earth and All Our Relations. 


June 11 : 10am to 6pm — We will gather at « La Paroisse St Jacques in Lausanne », looking out the lake, for our empowerment workshop and sacred circle. Bring sacred objects for the altar and a skirt or shawl to wear for our final ceremony.  

Cost : Frs 180.- 

Registration :

Come ready to awaken your feminine power

to serve yourself and All Our Relations! 


Private sessions are available with Brooke