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December 1 - Milan, Italy

Women of Beauty – Women of Power

With Brooke we will explore the innate beauty and power within us which can move us forward into healthy, joyous and meaningful lives. 

Brooke’s intention is to deepen and empower you – to set you on a chosen path of beauty  – a pathway that leads to your own transformation and the uplifting support of a larger community in these times of change.

As women embodied on Mother Earth, our innate gift is the feminine power to nurture and renew Life, which is thus also our charge and responsibility. How we step forward to do this can make a vital difference in gracefully moving us into the peace and glory of a new and golden time. And because we have so much, we will be asked to lead. I say let’s do it with vitality, love and class!

For our transformative experience we will listen to ancient prophecies, dance in circle and sing spirit songs in an atmosphere of radiance and lightness.

If possible, wear a skirt and bring a shawl.


Please Contact: Claire Jozan-Meisel

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November 14-21 Montpellier, France