Inviting Your Support


Brooke's offering is devoted to Oneness and the emerging human possibilities keyed within, which enable us to create a beautiful world for All Our Relations and to make a sacred ecology real in our everyday lives through sustainable living practices. Her commitment is to the unfolding process realizing our full human potential, which will enable us to help catalyze a new kind of freedom from want and need for the children of Earth.

As part of the Human Family, we are called to create new ways of being together, for personal growth and Earth healing, that base themselves in wholeness--the mutuality and Oneness which characterize ancient truths and lifeways.

One especially poignant need is for support to bring young people in who wish to learn and make their life contributing to the “green” and sustainable living on this sweet Earth. I need travel money and stipends for them. 

Here are some ways you can contribute:

* Donating Frequent Flyer Miles
* Assistance in developing and maintaining Sacred Ground International as a base for healing and teaching
* One time monthly contributions for general support, such as medical, dental, and other extraordinary and/or ongoing expenses.
* CD, DVD, and web course development, and other current projects
* Ceremonial gatherings and dances for Earth healing.

I very much appreciate your continuing support! Thank you for joining in this dance of new life for the children of the Earth and Sky for generations to come. May your generosity be returned a thousand fold!

You may contribute:

1. via PayPal:

2. by making checks payable to Brooke Medicine Eagle and send to:
Brooke Medicine Eagle
PO Box 184
Pryor, MT 59066

Thank You!!!