Praises for Brooke


Praise for B

Brooke, Amazing Seestar of the Buffalo Goddess, Sending you Abundant blessings and appreciation.  Your new moon recording (THE GREAT MOTHER: Taking a Stand, on international summit: FIERCENESS OF THE MOTHER - The Power of the Feminine to Revolutionize Our World)  is profound, good “medicine” to strengthen our sacred feminine posture.  Maka

Thank you for your beautiful heart and dedication! We are ALL blessed by your birth!  Star Savoy Alexander

You continue to be a Blessing to me and so many others on our Mother Earth. I am grateful for the Spirit you show us all!  Dori Demarbieaux

You are a blessing to the world. Milana Marsenich

Just want to acknowledge you and your work and express my love to you during this season of light. Shalom, Ahuva Natasha Taylor 

You are having a amazing life and should be very proud of all your success because you live everyday with the creator in your heart!!!  David Gandara  LI

One of the wisest women I know. Thank you for your Light and ever-abundant love for the Earth. Kerstin DeBeer FB

I met you at a Medicine Wheel gathering in Alabama in 1992. I felt so fortunate to experience your warmth and healing presence. Thank you for inspiring me to reach for Spirit in each sacred moment. Many Blessings, Wakira 

The silk native image goddesses have always been meant for you. ~> you seeded my great deep dive into the moon lodges, i am forever grateful.  Silk pianter, Renee Ariel   fb

Thank you for your work. Especially BUFFALO WOMAN COMES SINGING. I have used it in many women's writing and journalling workshops that I facilitate. Again, thank you. Wendy Judith Cutler 

Awesome!! There is a medicine woman I met at a fairy festival Brooke Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle you should check her books and music out she talks a lot about the white buffalo medicine really amazing stuff  - Amandine Murphy fb

We met at "Le val des Fées ", where you guided us on the beautiful path of Love and respect for the earth and our femininity, I was really touch by your beauty and your strength playing your drum and singing when we danced all together. I received your hug with gratitude at the end of the workshop and your face is still present in my mind when I play my drum and call all my sisters and all my brothers around the world to make circles of Love. Now I am reading your book in French, very interested by your story and powerful experiences that gave you  the bases of your teaching. Thank you for the exercises. I recognize you as a wise and spiritual women and feeling that we are sisters.  Marie Castella-Levin

My dear friend. It is wonderful seeing you here on FB. I went to a couple of your workshops in the Bay Area of California, back in the 80's. Loved you then, love you now.  Sandie Rymal

Aris Mantas Apr 23 Thank you very much for the acceptance Brooke Medicine Eagle. I admire you for your work . keep up !! I love the song "Mother I feel you" . Respect

Kamela wrote: "Angry people want you to see how powerful they are. Loving people want you to see how powerful you are.  

I would still like to meet you one day and am certain that I will. Definitely on my bucket list. I would like to give you a thank you hug - one that says, "your words saved my soul." Best Wishes, Jessica K  FB 1-14

Yellowwolf Nieves mentioned you in a comment. Yellowwolf wrote: "They say when you are ready the teacher will come and she did. So loved this journey ♥ Thank you Brooke Medicine Eagle for sharing your journey with all who needed to hear ♥"   FB

Hello... . I have followed you for thirty years and still have tapes of your talks. You have been part if who I am today and I thank you for the guidance you gave me. I love you, Merry Christmas Karen Finke

"Thank you so much Brooke Medicine Eagle. Your music is something that carries me through!" Melissa Potter


Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle
One of my choices to honor 
For women’s History Month. Cintra Ann Harbach

This 9th Day of Women's History Month, I want to honor Someone I Know By Long Acquintance: Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle! She is untiring in her Work to Unite Humans to Nature in Reality and Spirituality Without Separation. 
She is Down to Earth, and Up to Sky. 
Have Appreciated and Learned from her vision, for decades!! Kat Everitt

I am currently reading her book "Buffalo Woman comes singing", it is wonderful, amazing, very inspiring. And so are her Songs. So thank you Brooke, from my heart !

Thanks so much, Brooke. Our session was very powerful for me. All blessings and gratitude for the work and presence of your teachings.  Colleen L.

Beautifully said Brooke and you’re one of life's authentic woman I know and teaching are Beyond any words. 
Many blessings to you  Diane Molloy Gower   FB 

Que tout contribue au plus grand bien de tous par toi et la sagesse que tu transmets! Je prie pour que tu puisse continuer ce travail immense...
Que le coeurs se remplissent de paix et de lumiere.  (You and the wisdom you convey contribute to the greatest good of all! I pray that you can continue this immense work. Let hearts fill with peace and light.)  Lilou-Mahina Or   FB 

After I first met you about 3 years ago I joined your lessons in our community Lebensgarten Steyerberg in Germany every time you was here. It is a wonderful energy around you - with all these woman who be part of our sisterhood, Your warmhearted teaching about the old wisdom is healing for us and mother earth. You combine clearness and strength with love and happiness. I am happy to walk this way in beauty and the freedom of our heart.  Arinya Berges   FB

You are a blessing. Your guiding light shines bright, Heidi White

Brooke Medicine Eagle's "Buffalo Woman Comes Singing" was valuable for me early on, and deserves a revisit. Rena Shesso

Andrea Lyman to Divine Mommy

November 28 at 1:08 PM

What a thrill to know that Brooke Medicine Eagle will be presenting the first part of 2019! Having worked with her for years with many men and women interested in creating a more beautiful and sustainable life for all of us here on Mother Earth, I know how blessed Sarasota is to have her come and share her amazing grounded and practical wisdom. Don't want to miss this!!

Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle to Jamie Day

November 28 at 11:36 AM

I'm so proud of you for what you are offering to women in such a good way. Our coming together is not about race or religion, but about being all that we can be and offering the best of our womb-en magic to the world. I appreciate you bringing me to offer vital and profound information to the women of your community - it's so important that we learn and deepen our experience of health and well-being, spiritual development, and feminine leadership in this critical time on Mother Earth - a time of the ARISING FEMININE !!! Blessed be...

Charla Hermann Hello Jamie. I have worked at Brooke's side since the 70's. we have done gatherings all over the world and she hold massive integrity in her teachings and her Counseling. She is dedicated and honorable, and yes we have run into protesters. They have no clue whom they are protesting or why. Usually it is a set up, and meant to keep the good work from happening. I have had a healing center not far from you for 31 years. Brooke has been here often, and I was hoping to connect her to our place either before or after she finishes with your place...OR I sent our word to get a road trip together to bring women to you. There are thousands of women around the world who know the beauty of Brooke's work. I have never once had a complaint about her in any of the many, many gatherings we have done together. Whomever is motivated to put her down has no reason to do so. I have never once witnessed Brooke doing anything inappropriate, which is way more than I can say for many of the Native Men who have given her a hard time. Trust me when I say, Brooke is one of the good ones out there and a true blessing is brought to all who have worked with her, sponsored her and beyond. I know this lady from many journey's and she always brings joy and healing to her work. Don't let someone you have never even met take away the power of the goodness you will provide to so many others by bring her work to life in your community.

Shannondoah Buckley Let's Support Brooke Bebes Medicine EagleMay We Rise Together as We Are Still Here!!! Women, We are Strong and Stronger Together United as One, Ho Wa! Love Is All There Is***

Claire Jozan-Meisel I have been inspired by Brooke Medicine Eagle's teachings for over 20 years. What she offers is universal knowledge which sadly has been lost over the centuries. This knowledge varies according to the traditions but remains the same in essence. Knowledge belongs to humanity. Thank you Brooke for making us reclaim and remember it in our daily lives

Tina Chinook Brooke is a pure heart

Justitia Jeu Love from France, wholeheartedly with you

Osa Holmes My life has been blessed with you wisdom and love for almost 25 years and has been offered the light to be a better daughter, mother, sister and healer as a result. I can only pray that light shines on the unknowing and minds and hearts that open result.

Marianne Bradley-Kopec Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle, Florida is lucky to have you coming! If I'm still in St. Petersburg in January and February, I would love to come see you in Sarasota! I left a comment on the divinemommy FB page!

Sonne Reyna Brooke is The Real Deal!

Linda Conroy Brooke I am so sorry to hear this. Your presence is a gift and you have so much to offer. We would love to have you join the MWHC again in the future! I can not believe people are holding onto whatever their issues are.

Peggy Ragsdale Morris I have known Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle for more years than I can possibly remember, she is one of the most incredible women of our time.... She has served all women of all race and creed with a pure heart, and understanding, her love of all creatures great and small is legend...... She has traveled the world over gaining wisdom and knowledge that she is ever willing to share....... There are absolutely no negatives....... Go forth and teach my dear friend to the lucky ones who can and will join you......

Sonne Reyna The Ancestors Are With YOU

Rachael Shenyo Love, light, support, and a recommendation from Guatemala... where your very own training helped prepare me to come to in service to the world and its beings

Marlene Saliba Love, light and support for your very good work, understanding and pure heart, Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle

Maria Tramontozzi Brook Medicine Eagle is living proof that ancient wisdom is within and the callings of the ancient wisdom is the most powerful form of prayer...Brook you are always welcome here...come to my church First Church Somerville and share your wisdom! You are welcome in my home, my heart, and my spirit always! years pack you came to our women's weekend...we co created powerful ritual! Go in peace, spread seeds, and listen to your heart

Shelia Guagliano Sending thoughts and light for a safe journey as you carry healing to those in need. Plant beautiful seeds along the way

Brenda Atkinson You are totally good medicine. I love you & your work. Peace

Wind Daughter Brook's Medicine Work had empowered so many people. She speaks from the heart. She had spent years on the road bringing hope and answers to all who gather with her. We go way back. I send prayers for her Florida visit

Becky Lynn You are such a blessing to everyone

Janice Buckberry Saint Cyr One of my all-time favorite teachers once said, “Mother Earth is our True Mother, who supports our every step. Our native way is to Respect Her as we walk gently upon her face, in rhythm with her heartbeat.” (That was You by the way. ) and you helped me to connect to my biological mother after she had crossed over. I actually received a hug from Mother Earth in my meditation and received a much needed message from my mom. YOU ARE AWESOME! And I (WE) support you, along with Mother Earth!

Penny Pate Gillett I have only ever experienced kindness and light from you.

Bonnie Barker Brooke shares her wisdom, her joy, her love her teachings, through song, dance and prayer. There is nothing to fear. Thank you for your presence in my life!

Alisha Henri The difference between Shadow and Light is becoming ever more visible. My years-long friend, Brooke Medicine Eagle is a powerful representative of Light, of positive action, of positive message and encouragement. Shadow is reacting. I see my friend surrounded in such brilliance that radiates from her heart that Shadow must dissipate on her presence. Sending you love and support, Brooke!

Arlene LeBaron Brooke I love you ❤️ and what your doing.

Karen Jones I have received your posts for years, always of the Light. I would recommend you.

Tara Payne You were a close friend of my moms many moons ago (Diane Mc Cleary) and I came to know you through a beautiful book you wrote ... you are an Inspiration -Mahalo hugs and Light for all u do.

Robin Youngblood Your work is important and true, Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle For those who have experienced you and your work, there is no question. You are Spirit Guided.

Laney Goodman Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle, is the real deal. Full of wisdom. Love and compassion

Nicholas Noble Wolf Hi from the Southern Ute rez. Love all you offer. You're the real deal and an inspiration for all women (and men too)

Montino Bourbon Done. Wash'té!

Nola Ettner You are a gifted advisor and counselor with many talents, skills, and ways of dealing with new ideas, and healing , and communicating. You deal with Love, Kindness, Compassion, Harmony, Balance, and a natural Positive way of being in the world, utilizing all that Nature offers us for our Healing❣️. love You my Dear Friend

Lerin Ramsay Winter Brooke is authentic and genuine in her helpful guidance Thank you for being present in our lives.

Laurie King I don’t know you personally Brooke, but I’ve read your books and listened to your stories and music on cassette and CD. You are a Wise Woman teacher of Love Peace and Healing. Nothing but good.

Holley Hainen Your work and teachings are pure and beautiful! You are needed in Florida now more than ever! Love and support to you

Ingeborg Van Zanten Hayes My life took a positive turn because of Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle teaching. I would not have want to miss it

Barbara Konish We met when you spoke in Rochester at a small conference in the late 80's early 90's Brooke. You touched me then with your wisdom, love, respect of nature and community. May your teachings reach all hearts and minds as you offer your experiences and gifts. Come back to Rochester N.Y.

Donna Ventrudo Costa Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle is a knowledgeable and gifted teacher. She has shared so much to so many

Brooke Ferguson Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle is a kindred soul with a beautiful heart and invaluable wisdom of our ancestors!! She is such a wonderful blessing of love and light to the world 

Marion Brigantia We are so proud to have had you as speaker at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2 times now and can't wait for your return in 2020. Your wisdom and authenticity has inspired many women and men and has led to making a beautiful permanent moonlodge in Goddess House. Thank you for your love, support and beauty you share so gracefully, Brooke

Dorian Korts Brooke, last summer I met you in the UK. I'm so thankful for your wise and healing words! Hope to meet you sometime again. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you

Angie Twydall You facilitate groups so beautifully, sharing your wisdom and grace as an elder. Thank you for being in my life x

J Connie Gallotti I have always respected Brookes’ love for our planet and will trust her work within communities wherever she travels. I hope you stay doing your work for many many more years



Much support for me and my work is coming in since our session. Something has shifted in me! CW, Wales

I'm offering thanksgiving for you and all the beautiful teachings you embody and share so skillfully with the world, making us stronger and more fulfilled. Steven McFadden

I dearly wished you be at our gathering as I so loved your work in Scotland - it made such a difference to my life! I know that you are authentic and inspiring, and that so many peoples' lives would of been touch by your teaching. Diane Molloy Gower

2017 Thank you for your wonderful words of vision, hope, faith and wisdom. You have always brought me courage, wisdom and purpose of honoring the sacred. Many Blessings to you, Karen Dancing Doe

So happy for your blessed life and all the joy you bring to your students lives! Lynde Howe

I love Brooke, and I am so inspired by her chosen lifestyle! Melissa Potter

Brooke, you are SOOO inspiring. Thank you for the sweet reminder to enVISION. Hugs and safe sweet travels to you! Eva Rose Goetz

You rock as a Wise Woman, and are a great human being in all possible ways.  Bruce G

Your messages are calming to me, and I appreciate your wisdom so much. Thank you and Blessed Be.  SUNUS

My dear old friend Charla and  I were speaking about the work of our lives, and she sent me these wonderful words:
Well my sweet…first of all you have trained more than the 11 each we were to leave behind. Women have blossomed all over the world. You led the first dance at Hawkwind in Alabama, and out of that group there are 24 of them that went on to Sun Dance and become very great lodge keeper and medicine keepers. Folks still sing your songs in the lodges and medicine wheels, and you will always be that Eagle Stone of the Medicine Wheel… Everyone gained from your work and the beauty you taught them. You taught the men they didn’t all have to be hard-assed to be good at what they did. 
I know that you taught me NLP in the 70’s; you taught me how to forgive myself in the 80’s; you taught me how to organize folks into circles and sing and drum with them in the 90’s; as we reached the next age, you taught me how to grow old without loosing my body. You taught me not to be shy in a circle and actually sing. You are the ONLY Elder I have got to work with that wasn’t mean. Seriously…and I could call you sister and my Elder at the same time…
So know that yes, you need one last good juicy woman to carry on your flower song…but there will never be another of YOU… yet there will be always be the imprint that hundreds of us GOT…because you put yourself out there…. So fear not my love, you have done much and been gentle, and you are one of the few who has never been arrogant or all ego about it. I am proud we have known each other for so long. I do believe we are about to hit the 40 year mark…and we still connect and we still feel the love.
I just cooked for 15 men for a John Lee weekend; the men, who are mostly 50-65, are still walking the path…and speak of you often and are ready to come and see you again. When you sang to them the first time, they were in their 30’s…think about that.
I hope we all have danced our dance well in the end. I think we have.The men here just reminded me that I am okay and I did not waste my time teaching them - I needed to hear that. I needed to know that when I do drop my earth robe, I did something right. I think we all do…and you have done so much right. Please know that and accept it in your heart.
 You have been my role model of peace forever - sometimes the only one I had to see me for my heart. You have never judged me or abandoned me. You have been one of the top ten constants in my life, and I for sure will find you again. Just know you are loved by many, and I am your biggest fan. Charla

Thank you for teaching me to "walk the beauty way". My senses were all opened to life.  RENE F

Wow! What a transformational experience to be with you and learn from you at the women’s retreat. I admire your strength and clarity in following your path in a loving and strong manner. Kataria H.

Dear Brooke, I am writing to let you know that the talk you gave on the first Red Tent Internet symposium was life changing. I now sit in dark moon women's circle with beloved sisters. Thank you for bringing knowledge of the moon lodge to my culture. With love, Tamara G, Australia FB

I continue to apply lessons from you at the Blacktail Ranch in '93. Blessings. Connielee Lebsack FB

Dear Brooke,
Thank you for sending your wise and deeply inspiring message.
We are indeed women of our time, stepping forward to contribute all that we can to the healing of the world.
Bless you for your exquisite work and for nourishing more people than you can ever know.
In sisterhood,
Joan Marler

Hope you are well. I send you lots of love and light on all the beautiful work you do. Love, Icasiana formerly of Samadhi Life *Official store of the grandmothers

Thank you, Brooke, for these words of truth, that serve the ending of our confusion, and bring us back to the peace and joy that is eternal.  Helen White Wolf FB

I've just been listening to your audiobook, again, Buffalo Woman Comes Singing. It's great, I love hearing your story, the sweet teachings and practices.
Thanks for all the gifts you bring forward in such beauty.
Munay saminchay  (love and great blessings) 
Red Moon Rising. jan

Thank you for opening my heart to your teachings and wisdom. I have learned so much to bring into my everyday life, and I am honored to have connected to your beautiful heart. I will hold you and your love in my heart with every step I take. Love and blessings, Denise

I so much love our precious time together - to absorb your teachings and wisdom was such a joy and a gift. I'm so grateful for you in my life - you help me to make sense of the deep magics of the world.   GB, UK 

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful teachings at Lendrick, and for the sheer pleasure of meeting you. I had the kind of experience that affirms what really matters in my life and the world, and that means so much to me. Anne H, Scotland

Brooke, Thank you very much for such a powerful day's healing today. The soles of my feet are throbbing in a way that is indicative of the deep level at which healing was taking place for me today. The sexual trauma I have been working with the last few years is, I recently uncovered, directly connected to my stopping singing for over 10 years. Singing and bringing light and healing into the world through my voice - in writing, speaking, and especially - singing - is my soul's true calling, so it really was time to release this.

It is inspirational to me the way you use your voice, dance and song in your workshops, and  it's really time for me to begin to bring the universal love energy- which I have learned to bring in, circulate through my body and hold and radiate in my heart - up and out through the throat and to use my voice to manifest (exactly as you describe with the shift from the Piscean 8 pointed star to the Aquarian 9 pointed star). 

I knew that I would find exactly what I needed at this time in your workshop today, I am very grateful!  FE, EU

Dear Brooke, Thank you for sending your wise and deeply inspiring message. We are indeed women of our time, stepping forward to contribute all that we can to the healing of the world. Bless you for your exquisite work and for nourishing more people than you can ever know. In sisterhood, Joan Marler

Dear Brooke, Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday.  It has been a really powerful experience for me. Maybe we'll manage to connect next time you are in the area.  Safe travels, Juls, x

Hi Brooke, just a quick message to say thank you for such an incredibly loving , informative and transformative four days at Lendrick. I'm not the woman I was when I arrived at Lendrick on Wednesday! An incredible shift took place thanks to you, Genevieve and the marvelous spirit of Cacao. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love & light Shirley Dryden May 22

Thank you so much for everything you've done for me and my family! I remember how you helped me with my dreams and I will always love you for it! I am so grateful for you! :-) KW, Idaho

Moontime —   Brooke’s Moonlodge CD's were so inspiring, educational and helpful when I first started to write the manuscript for my moon book that I am indebted to her. No one else had this information so clearly explained. I so want you to know how inspirational you have been to my life. Your wisdom was probably one of the most important sources that helped me to understand my sacred flow, consciousness and connection to the lunar cycles.  Donna Wolper

Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, changed my life forever.           Nancy Brody FB


What a wonderful (newsletter) sharing.  I delighted in every word and all the feelings and sensations that rolled through as you shared your journey of the last year. Thank you for your generosity.  So wonderful to hear from you and share in the magic and devotional dedication of your heart and Spirit calling. You are a planetary healer.  Huge gratitude for all the work you do to awaken consciousness.  Your Sedona Family is here for you. From my heart to yours,  Enocha "Ranjita" Ryan

Thank you for sending your wise and deeply inspiring message. We are indeed women of our time, stepping forward to contribute all that we can to the healing of the world. Bless you for your exquisite work and for nourishing more people  you can ever know. In sisterhood,  Joan Marler

The wise and beautiful Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle has started an online blog. I've spent time with her, and been in ceremonies led by her. She is a truly powerful woman. Kristan Rowanhawke FB

Hi there dear glad to see your "Sacred Heart, Sacred Sexuality" event this upcoming summer. I wanted to celebrate and acknowledge your life long advocacy of woman's sacred body...all the way back to the 80's you have consistently been the voice of honoring the feminine. Love what you shared in FOREMOTHERS of the Womens Spirituality Movement...Elders and Visionaries. Such a visionary you are. Suzanne Lewis FB

My studies and friendship with you changed my life forever. Such fond memories. Sondra Geller FB


"The Inner Warrior Summit" Brooke Medicine Eagle *Love Heals*

This was so amazing, my favorite so far! I was down by the river (my Sacred Place), listening, connecting with Mother Earth and the Stones, when I heard the screech of a Bald Eagle flying over head. I looked up, and he was circling me! I just wanted to share that with you and thank-you for this wonderful Summit. Peg Bergquist Ap ‘16

Good Afternoon Brooke, Thank you for all the amazing and wonderful gifts you bring into this world. Especially, for writing Buffalo Woman Comes Singing which I believe saved my life years ago when my kundilini energy blew wide open. It was the information in your book that helped me understand what was happening and break through the fears.  Angie Angel   NZ

I really cherished our time together with Brooke at Snowdonia Retreat in Wales - definitely one of the best & richest experiences of my life. Lots of love xxx   Mel L. F.     FB

The Earth is so very Thankful and Grateful for your Being and for all your energies you continuously share with All Our Relations*** Shannondoah B

May all your wonderful work be as great a joy to you as it is a blessing to the world. — Jane Catherine At Luna House, Aotearoa New Zealand

Wonderful and powerful woman ! I'm deeply honored to know you, and meet you In Paris !! Laurence Bertrand

Thank you so much for all your sharing Brooke. I so admire your commitment and constant outpouring of love and wisdom wherever you go….the thing I love most is that your love is so deep and genuine that it naturally spills into all of our lives.  I know you hear these things from many but you cannot hear it too often.  Tanah Whitemore

I'm still sharing stories of my many experiences with you starting 1990! Life changing! Sondra Geller, Jungian therapist

I've been thinking a LOT about you and the Visioning in Montana. Thank you for Being such a GIFT for the planet and for the Spirits of so many people. You have been one of my most beloved mentors. Heart HUGS, Michele Mattingly

Her book The Last Ghost Dance was one of the most transformational books I have ever read. Kami Velasquez FB

She’s got that earth goddess, warrior, priestess, gonna save the world kind of vibe.  Win FlANDACA FB

Thanks for all you do to honor Mother Earth!!  Lori wilkins FB

Many blessings of love, and rainbow rays of light from my heart to yours, beautiful wise woman! I look up to you as one of the most insightful and transformational women in this world - you write so well!  Your writings have liberated my soul. And you walk your talk! I love you! I am so honored to know you. Sprinkling fairy dust and rose petals across your sacred path. A'ho Mitakuye Oyasin.  Kami Velasquez FB

We all celebrate your life….what a gift you have been to this planet, to each of us, a light, still remembering who she is, claiming and owning her amazing struggles and triumphs, a heart that will not deny the sweetness of life, the perils we experience to remember that.  Your wisdom has grown and you have always been willing to share it…we thank you, we bless you and hold you gently within the boundless love of our Universal hearts.  Enjoy this day my dear, know you are seen, loved and held in such honor and respect. Thank you for being a light in my life.  Tanah W fb

Blessings to you and may your new year be a continuation of your walk in beauty bringing even greater blessings to you and to the earth through you. Thanks for all you do to honor Mother Earth!!  Lori Wilkins FB

Deep gratitude for your work in the world, and for your Light and Love   Thank you for being here, at a time when it could not be more needed. You are loved and appreciated. Nancy Boyd FB

I celebrate All you have brought to humanity and all you give of yourself. Michelle Leigh FB

I am so grateful that our Paths crossed and for your wonderful teachings. Blessings to you! Gail Phoenix FB

Beautiful Brooke!! (I was wondering "how do you say Happy Birthday to a national treasure", then decided that the usual way would work fine) Much love and many blessings to you.   Marie Denkinger FB

Your birth is a blessing to the world with the light you have created and the waves of positive change. In just my own life your words have planted beautiful seeds which are blowing in the wind and planting more radiant gardens. Becky Birch FB

Thank you for your inspiration. You are a beautiful person! Brenda Berryman

You are a wonderful soul full of light and love! I know this first hand, lovely lady. Dee Slingerland

I have not read anything bad about you and would never believe it anyway. Those who have been able to experience your teaching, your ceremony, or your friendship will always have your back and support you anyway you need. You are loved by many and we treasure what you are given to share with us. Use your beautiful tonal work to shatter the negativity they are trying to surround you with and then let it go. Donna Dupree

I'm seeing other bright Beings who are in the public in various ways reporting this same (negative media) experience, especially right now. I have appreciated your path since the 80s and respect you highly! Sending much love to you . These times are increasingly chaotic and those who don't understand the vibrations are lashing out blindly. Surrounding you with Peace and Love, Jaen Zacropia

I met you in Montana in 1993, your teaching and the wilderness at Blacktail Ranch, changed my life. you look amazing!  Connie Lebsack

I listened to this Wisdom Lodge teaching over and over as I entered midlife, and it led me to create an internal vision of aging that is about wholeness, holyness and wisdom. Thank you Brooke for your wisdom teachings!!  Anita Mcleod FB

Viewing the Red Tent menopause videos. Just completed Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle. WOW! What a gift, Brooke. Deeply inspired. What a wonderful way to begin this summit!  Suzanne Mathis McQueen

Beautiful beloved teacher, through your eyes we see farther … Chris Enfield

Thank you for your work. Especially BUFFALO WOMAN COMES SINGING. I have used it in many women's writing and journalling workshops that I facilitate. Again, thank you. Wendy Judith Cutler

Thank you Brooke for being so open hearted and willing to embody White Buffalo Women with such power and grace for my lens….xoxoxox   lisa levant - Goddess on Earth

Dec 15 2015

Thanks for inspiring so many generations of healers.                   Blessings,  Nicholas (Mato Wanagi)    

Aug 15

Brooke, I’m so glad you sent me the link to the Inner Warrior summit. I was once again be inspired by my warrior friend. Your voice and song brought back so many Montana memories. And, I’m so joyous  you are back in the world more fully after your several transformations. Here’s to renewals and rebirths and filling one’s destiny. Dale K

I got a copy of your first book about 25 years ago and studied it extensively.  It was so very helpful to me as I started on my path. Cat Farneman

So glad to hear that you have returned.  I first heard about you in 1990 when I wrote to you about my Master degree program I was creating regarding mind, body and spirit while living in Roanoke Virginia on the East Coast.  Your assistant sent me amazing info and you sent a post card of the eagle and wished me well.  I opened many eyes in the college to the teachings and moved on to Texas and began a holistic healing practice I am still doing today.  I turned 65 in June and feel my practice is blossoming as an elder now more knowing that there is the need to  "remember"  in the hearts of so many. I just realized that I am a spiritual warrior teaching wisdom from the ancestors.  I am so happy to see you back, for now people are awakening and need the wisdom that has survived generations...because its truths, its sacred laws still holds true today, they have never died.  That is what I incorporate into my teachings. You gave me that support and encouragement in 1990.  I framed the postcard and keep it where I can see it every day to remind me of the journey I have walked these 25 years.  I have your books and use them as resources, share their information and play your tapes/ now CD's or chant as the energy moves me to do.  Many of my walks in Nature I catch myself in one of the songs. I thanked you in 1990, I thank your wisdom in my work and I thank you now again.  Welcome back, the young ones are thirsty for your teachings, remembering their souls walks. The young at heart thirst too to become wise elders. Love and Light, Joy Morgan

I go back many years when you used to come to New Mexico. Still use your songs and teachings in our circle. Marie Markesteyn

July 15

I just wanted to let you know looking at all the photos healed me from a deep dark place that I had entered a few days ago. I was trying to not take it personally and basically just waiting for it to move through me and out, After viewing your photos of the sacred sites something lifted out of me and my energy began to resonate at a higher frequency, it was very powerful and I am very grateful. I have been working on an art project with the sacred feminine and felt held down by the patriarchal energies. I always have to process through each art project and this is the most intense one I ever remember. Thank you so much I desperately needed the help of the feminine and she responded. Denny Reed F B

Brooke, I love your songs sooo much, they touch deeply my heart, thank you .   Hilda, Germany

I just want to tell you that my life is richer, more beautiful and more filled with sweet harmonies since you landed in my heart.

May you be surrounded with light and love always…  osa j

May 15  

Many blessings of love, and rainbow rays of light from my heart to yours, beautiful wise woman! I look up to you as one of the most insightful and transformational women in this world - you write so well! And walk your talk! Someday, I will manifest coming to one of your workshops. Definitely one of my dreams for over a decade now. I love you!   Kamea Moonmaiden FB

Thanks for being You, being born, SHining your Light, and doing all that you do. Ever Inspiring. Miigwech.  Kevin Myers FB

Thank you for so much love you bring to this world. Thank you more than words can say for all you do to make this world a better place. remember what a gift you are to all those you touch in this lifetime...Love and light, Patricia Tudisco FB                                 

You have been an inspiration to me for a long time.  FB

Jan 15

Thank you so much, I just want you to know that you have been very important in my life, and although we have not met, I feel as if I know you in some way. Keeping you in my prayers. Love and Blessings for all you do!  Shalahnia

Greetings Brooke, What an honor and blessing to meet you and participate in your workshop at the Light Expo in Columbus Ohio years ago. Thank you for sharing your Heart Wisdom with us...we are blessed with your presence on our beloved Mother. Peace, Shellee Fioravanti

I have read many of your books and have not only learned a lot, but can really appreciate your sharing your wisdom and knowledge with all. I want to thank you for sharing all that you do. Many blessings to you Brooke. Bella Anderson

You are so beautiful, creative, and inspirational! Marilyn Ragsdale

I would love to see you again. Heard you once, singing in El Capitan Canyon - will NEVER forget!!  Rabbi Herzlich

Just rereading your book. Your work has always been amazing. At 78 I am not only relating to you but also to the grandmothers. I have now walked these ways for 40 years. So much has been given to me by those that held the ways. Grateful. Barbara Vitale fb

Finding BUFFALO WOMAN COMES SINGING , the book, in the year 2000 was a synchronistic calling event of my earthwalk. For me Buffalo Calf Women came through your spirit and called me forward to continue my Beauty Path , A path I feel when I was connected to spirit as a child that I was on and the time to return and re-open this door. On my first vision quest, since my main totem is the Bear, I thought I would encounter a bear as I was sitting calling vision, while you and BuffaloHeart held us in your prayers. I received "grasshoppers" One particular one , a large brown one, sat on my hiking boot that I had removed from my foot and stayed there until it was time for me to come down. Along with this grasshopper were many, many more that came to visit me , a variety from very very tiny green ones to this large brown one, so many kinds in between. One lesson I learned from this was not to disregard anything as not being important. My message which came through in the days and weeks after was the message was that I was moving ahead on my spiritual journey in great leaps and bounds. Its curious because nowadays we here so often people exclaiming that we are taking quantum leaps forward in our consciousness. We here this both in spiritually inclined people and from those from the scientific fields. Pat Andler fb

LOVEd the opening with Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle. It was an extraordinary experience creating the opening circle with her at the conference. ♥” Shari Ralish fb

Your chanting and speaking tapes have meant a lot to me over the years. Unfortunatly I lent them out and never got them back, and now I have a tape player in my car again, and a CD player. I have taught OH Shoo Wha to many over the years. So beautiful! I really enjoyed singing and learning from you way back in the 80's at the Women's Music Festival in MIchigan, now I live just outside of Asheville NC. It is beautiful here! Come some time, chant & teach! Many would come! Wishing you happiness and all that you wish to manifest & then some in the new year, to carry you through to rise you up and all those around you. Heather MacLachlan fb

I am happy to make your acquaintance. There is a good medicine that can be seen in the radiance in eyes and face. Leonard Wondergem fb

Your music means a lot to me also. When I am preparing for my personal ceremonies or retreats to my sacred space, I use them for that matter anytime that I want to connect more deeply to nature and the "real" world. It reminds me of the beauty around me and of the Montana gatherings and Vision Quests that pushed me forward on my sacred earth walk. I especially like the Visions Speaking (tape and CD). "Over the Horizon" is one of my favorites. It takes me back to the morning before my first "vision quest" on the mountain when BuffaloHeart came through our camp to wake us up with this song to let us know we needed to wake up and walk up the mountain and begin our vision quest. I am glad on these CD's for your little introductions before each song which reminds us of our commitments for all of our relations. Pilomaya, pat Andler fb

I thank you for the pictures and knowing you are out there sending prayers out. I spent one week with you at Blacktail Ranch in Montana and will never forget the magic wonderment of the entire experience! It changed my life forever. Love you Brooke!  Renee Ferguson FB

We have never met but today I picked up "Buffalo Woman Comes Singing" and want to thank you. I am an herbalist and I can't put your book down. You are an inspiration! Patty Cummins FB


Brooke, your spirit is shining beautiful here! Thank you for continuing to share your self here and other places. You inspire so many... Kathy Drue

Thank you for your beautiful songs, your strong voice for women kind and may you ever shine bright. If you’re ever teaching in Austin or Texas, I would like to know. OR If you want me to set something up here let me know. Aho-FOX Owl Duque

Brooke your personal excellence and mastery touches me ♥ Thank you.  Mishi McMillen

Hello my dear Brooke. We met in Asheville, NC, and we have many friends in common. I've been a huge fan of your songs since I was introduced to them in the late 80s, and have led them from time to time in sweat lodges and on the ceremonial drum.  Mountaine Jonas

Brooke your personal excellence and mastery touches me Thank you. Mishi McMillen

BLESS your work Brooke Medicine Eagle* would love to study with you*to remember..what i carry in my soul*would love to become a true gift for mother earth*father sky...would love to remember the sacred teaching of the ancestors that you carry in your soul..for all my relations. with love*respect ewa tobi

Wonderful to connect with you, I've followed your service for years...Carole Simone

Pilomaye, Brooke, Miss you much! You are always in my heart and your music in my ears. Pat Andler

Miigwech!! I just adore you!! You inspired me in so many ways.. I love your songs..etc, I feel honored to be your, Yellow Star

I love your work. And I’m inspired by how openly you share your experiences and rituals for helping others. I am grateful to have connected with you. Peace and Wellness, Sandi Fioramonti

Your loving and compassionate spirit helps our world to become a better place to be.  Many blessings, sister!   Aho       Michele Roth

A beautiful day to you, Brooke! We celebrate you! Thank you for bringing such light to the planet!"   Cynthia Greb

I am so grateful that you were born! I am one among many thousands of women and men whose lives you have touched! You are the woman from whom I learned to honor my moontime, and you are the woman from whom I learned so many, many beautiful songs that I have sung to my child (in the first moments of his life) and in women's circles! Thank you! I wish you joy, love, health and magic!  Melissa Potter

Thank you for so much love you bring to this world . Nancy Boyd

Hello, sacred beautiful woman, Thank you for your walk in beauty with spirit. Love your writings and music! Aho Mitakye Oyasin Leanne Lundquist

Thank you, great teacher! I am so blessed to have learned your teachings over the years. I have listened and learned from your cassette tapes and songs for years. Thank you for the wisdom teaching.  Jennifer Eileen Roberts

I want to tell you that your workshop at the 2011 women's herbal conference in NH was awesome and your words really made some difference to me in keeping my peace in stressful situations and in holding happy and light thoughts!! Love you! You're a great woman and one of my mentors. Becky Mikalinis

Thank you for your sacred contributions in and for our world to make it better for all beings. Kristy Powell

May all the wonder and joy you've given to others be returned to you ten fold today. You have made so many remarkable contributions to so many others and we appreciate it! Jenny Dickason

Thanks dear Brooke…We've been aware of your work for many years now. Thank you for all that you've done for women's wisdom and for all your sacred healing work. We honour your journey and service to the world. Many blessings to you. Gemma and Shushann  THE SOULFUL WOMAN

Thanks for all that you do - for having the courage to be you, beautiful lady! Susan Powell

Thanks for being You, being born, SHining your Light, and doing all that you do. Ever Inspiring. Thank you for being YOU, and sharing your wisdom with the world. We are all grateful and thankful for your presence on Earth at this time. Miigwech.  Kevin Myers

Thank you for being such an inspiration and bright light. You are amazing, woman!!!!  All Love and Blessings to You Always ~ Erin Melissa Pillman

Your work of  'stepping back into the hands of the ancestors 7 generations' was presented a few years ago at the SSP UK conference and it has forever changed my life. I thank you for this work and would like to learn it and offer it. Many blessings Kat Naslas

Friend Brooke...the Aina (land) bears witness to your `MIDWIFERY` & your great *gifts* of `Heart & Soul. Helen & Conrado Cuellar

The other night I chanted Neesa, Neesa and thought of how much that song has touched my heart over the years. Thank you! Kymm Nelson

Remember what a gift you are to all those you touch in this lifetime...Love and light, Patricia Tudisco

I so admire and love you . I have followed your work over the years and I feel VERY honored to be one of your FB friends and when you comment on my things my heart soars. I so want to take one of your classes. I can never thank you enough for sharing your wisdom. with love Kathy Owens

Pilamaya my sister... you are one of my greatest inspirations...proud to have your books when my daughter met you at a conference in the not to distant past...Da nzho! ♥ Pat Mcdermott

Thank you for your teachings, your presence, your voice….. I am so blessed to have been in ceremony with you. Love and blessings, Marti

My dear friend. It is wonderful seeing you here on FB. I went to a couple of your workshops in the Bay Area of California, back in the 80's. Loved you then, love you now.  Sandie Rymal

Dear Brooke, hello and thank YOU for your incredible work!!!   Tende Rosse from Italy

When I read this e-mail, I had just spent the whole afternoon with you listening to your tapes...Your teaching is like gold...   Claire Jozan-Meisel

I am so excited about the shift in consciousness and power this is already creating in our sweat lodge teoshpe (family/community). I could feel it as I talked to people about the Moon Lodge. I know that it will continue to grow as I teach others and invite them to co-create our Moon Lodge ceremonies. I could not have done it without your support and teachings. Love and gratitude, Crystal Moon

Barbara Badger Janssen: You know the drill :) :) :) they've been saying the same thing about everyone who speaks the truth for years... Those people will never change.                                 Keep marching on... :) :) :)" 

Karen La Verne wrote: "Want to meet you sometime. I have loved you since Buffalo Woman Comes Singing. Going to write more ?"

Kamela wrote: Angry people want you to see how powerful they are. Loving people want you to see how powerful you are.  

I would still like to meet you one day and am certain that I will. Definitely on my bucket list. I would like to give you a thank you hug - one that says, "your words saved my soul."       Best Wishes, Jessica KFB 1-14

I am writing to you to express my thanks for your book,"Buffalo Women Comes Singing" I have had this a long time, but have now taken it out and am employing the teachings in to my life, they are valid, along with the Sacred Path card set. Now I am an Australian White Male living in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Can you please be my friend, so thru reading your book and doing the exercises I can discus any points needing clarification, thanks take care Philip Shearer. am on Facebook.

Hello.... I have followed you for thirty years and still have tapes of your talks. You have been part of who I am today and I thank you for the guidance you gave me. I love you, Merry Christmas Karen Finke

"I would LOVE to finally meet you, Brooke...I have admired you from afar...for a LONG time! <3"  Neta Martin

"This is truly walking the path of beauty. One of my teachers, Brooke Medicine Eagle, first taught me about the beauty path. Thank you Brooke!"   Seisha Patricia Sell

TRIBUTE to Brooke Medicine Eagle, whose published works found me even before facebook brought us together with so many others! THANK YOU, Brooke--for your ever humble, yet ever empowering words from the White Buffalo Calf Woman and much more. Thank YOU Brooke!  Kelly Allee Greer FB

Your work of  'stepping back into the hands of the ancestors 7 generations' was presented a few years ago at the SSP UK conference and it has forever changed my life. I thank you for this work and would like to learn it and offer it. Please advise.   Many blessings  Kat Natius   

* The other night I chanted Neesa, Neesa and thought of how much that song has touched my heart over the years. Thank you!