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August 2016 - Blossoming: A Native Way of Coming to Presence and Power

One of Brooke's wise elders reminded her that, “Through the face of a flower, spirit shines into the world.”  When we can blossom into our fullness, we are also that kind of gift to All Our Relations.

Brooke will work with you to clear the soil of your history and your ancestry so that you can be nourished properly. Then, you will align yourself with the great Tree of Life, the stalk upon which you can truly blossom. Coming into resonance with the great power of your own Divine Design and the purpose of your heart, you will move gracefully into the process of becoming more of who you already are - of BLOSSOMING INTO YOUR FULLNESS. 

    What a gift you are! It will be a joy to support and see that beauty come forth!! 

Come ready to be PRESENT in the POWER & BEAUTY OF WHO YOU ARE, to release old traumas and limitations, and move forward in sweet loveliness - the Flower of Who You Are. 

Dover/Deal, Kent, England

Contact: Seersha O'Sullivan -