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August 2016 - For the Love of Mother Earth

As women, we have a natural predilection for nurturing and renewing each other and the world. At this time of challenge and change on our beautiful planet, we must do our best to offer what is powerful and workable into the energy stream. At the highest, that offering is LOVE, which is supported in our world by the high goddess, Dawn Star Woman.

Brooke is joyful to offer profound teaching on the natural spiritual and social leadership of women, which creates nourishing of each other; support and caring for mothers and children; relaxed and happy men; flourishing art and culture; peace and harmony with the Circle of Life, and an economy based in gifting.

We must also find ways to support our own energy and joy, and move out of overwhelm. You will learn ways to get more of what you need for yourself as you dance with all the levels of support you offer your family, community, and the world….

Brooke will share about:

how to feel yourself nurtured and supported
nourishing your cells and your being
13 women empowerment circles
better and happier relationships
moontime spiritual service
making more positive difference for our world

Snowdonia Mountain Lodge, Bangor, Wales

Contact: Maria Moonstar & Claire Mace 
or +44 (0) 7497 001 542.  More details at