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August 2017 - For All Our Relations - Glastonbury, England

August 12-13 Glastonbury, England

FOR ALL OUR RELATIONS: A Ceremonial Teaching & Gathering


August 12 : 10am-5pm

August 13 : 10am-5pm

In wise primary cultures, ceremony was the basis of creating a good life on this sweet Earth, through which people gathered together, lifted themselves into a clear, transcendent state to honor life and to send intention forward for the unfoldment of their lives. We will learn about & create powerful & beneficial ceremony for our beautiful planet, clearing ourselves & calling our finest allies to sing & dance our love into the ground.

On this course you will learn:

  1. the two-pronged horns of shamanic ceremonial leaders 
  2. the use of powerful metaphor & intent for healing transformation
  3. song, dance, drumming, & rattling for ritual augmentation 
  4. physical space, & creation of a nurturing & safe circle 
  5. entrancement & consciousness shifting  
  6. Brooke will guide you in creating a unique ceremony of empowerment and manifestation that we will dance as a finale 

Brooke Medicine Eagle, Chalise is a legendary Earthkeeper,  wisdom teacher, healer, visionary, singer/songwriter, catalyst for wholeness, and ceremonial leader. Her focus is helping her students make a positive difference in their lives and that of our supporting environment, Mother Earth. She is the best-selling author of the Native American literary classic, Buffalo Woman Comes Singing, and of The Last Ghost Dance. Over the last 35 years, her many music recordings, teachings, writings, conference appearances, and wilderness spiritual retreats have touched the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Brooke is also a sacred ecologist with a focused interest in living a harmonious, sustaining lifestyle, as well as dedication to the preservation of our sacred waters. “Blossoming Into Harmony”, the primary ongoing resonance of her work, promotes a heart-centered, ecologically sound, healing way for the flowering of Mother Earth and All Our Relations. She is now traveling and teaching internationally, enjoying the experience of being a world citizen.