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August 2017 - Calling on the Power of the Ancients - Dover/Deal, Kent, England

August 19 Dover/Deal, Kent, England    


More and more, we are understanding the power of those who have come before us to help us live our lives well. This applies in critical situations of challenge and crisis, as well as in our positive learning and growth. 

Primary peoples have a long shamanic tradition of working with the ancestors in what seem to modern people mysterious ways. Now cutting edge science is awakening to the importance of our epigenetic inheritance - what we carry from the generations before us. Exciting and empowering techniques and processes await our conscious use of them. Brooke will share with you what they mean for your personal lives, your practice, and Mother Earth in this critical time.  

You have powerful allies waiting to assist you. Brooke will help you find the joy of having them “at your side”. You will learn about:

- turning the brain “bad guy” into your most powerful ally

- using the magic of your body in manifesting wellness and your desires

- gathering the power of your lineage of love and much more. 

Come ready to learn, share, journey, and dance a circle of power. 

During this deeply supportive time with Brooke, you will explore your sensuous and wise connection to the power and wisdom of your body, your womb,  and your sexuality. You will also tune to your profound love for the body of Earth, alive with Spirit, who gifted us this sweet planet and our earth-robes to awaken, empower and enjoy. This time together will enhance both your own journey and your path of loving relationship.

  + private sessions; contact Seersha O’Sullivan