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October 4-10 2018 Budapest, Hungary


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The true shaman is one who holds the golden dream for humanity

so clear that it comes true on Earth. 

— Don Eduardo Calderon, Peruvian cactus shaman


Native American Ways of Healing and Empowerment 

October 6-7

We are in a time of planetary and personal challenge, to which we must respond NOW. Brooke will share with you native and ancient ways of creating wholeness and power in your own life, as well as for those around you and this beautiful Earth

 Saturday will be for men and women:

- Native American prophecies and the new cycles of the present

- Dawn Star - Walking the Path with Heart - to give you a most powerful tool 

- ancestor clearing and connection for helping you be your best self 

- resourcefulness & healing from trauma - the magic of the body & ancient brain 

Sunday will be for women only to explore their own kinds of magic and healing to empower them in this time of great demands upon them: 

- the Arising Feminine time and our place in it 

- the Great Mother of All Life whose creativity we carry within us

- White Buffalo Woman’s teachings of holiness - wholeness and

Oneness with all Life 

- Moon-time mystery teachings  for healing and service 

- support from the ancient brain and hormones 

- clearing our ancestral fears of stepping into our power. 

Brooke has much wisdom to share, and will spend time giving you as much useful and uplifting information as she can in this short time. Through processes, meditations, interactive sharing and work, and shamanic journey, she will help you integrate this.You will dance in circle and create a final ceremony of intention and dedication. 

Bring your drums and rattles. It’s wonderful for women to wear a skirt or wrap a shawl around them for their day and ceremony. 

evening talk for everyone


(date to be decided) 

Come together in circle to learn and move around the great wheel of life. Brooke will share Native American prophecies, stories, and ways of living to enhance your life and the life of All Your Relations. 

We will drum together, and Brooke will assist you in naming and dedicating your drum. 
Special Hungarian Ceremonial Evening - Oct 8

Private Healing sessions contact Nikoletta