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September 21-23 2018 Lausanne, Switzerland 


Women’s Ceremony in the countryside and workshop overlooking Lake Leman 

Marianne Grasselli Meier



Ceremony & Teachings with Mother Cacao

Brooke Medicine Eagle

Opening & Warming Your Heart

We will gather in the beautiful countryside to begin with teachings are ceremony around the fire. Sunday in Lausanne, overlooking Lake Leman, Brooke will offer teachings of the heart, and a gentle yet profound ceremony with Mother Cacao. 

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Saturday 7 PM - in the countryside  

We begin our time with an evening ceremony outside the city at « The Douzilles, aux Thioleyres (entre Puidoux et Oron-la-Ville » We will dance in sacred configurations to awaken our spirits and offer our love to Earth and All Our Relations. 

Brooke will share from the prophecies about the coming of Dawn Star and the Way of the Heart into the Americas; AND it’s profound relevance for our lives and world today. 

Please bring a small thing to represent each:

a. your own heart 

b. Mother Earth / Gaia 

c. your ancestors 

d. the generations to come. 

And a heart gift for another woman in the circle. 

These will be placed in front of them in our dance circle.  We will dance and pray to empower the holy connection between all these things and promote healing of all. Then do a ceremonial give-away. 

A fire ceremony will complete our evening. 

Sunday in Lausanne 

10.a.m to 5.p.m — We will gather at « La Paroisse St Jacques in Lausanne » looking out the lake, for our empowerment workshop and sacred circle. Bring sacred objects for the altar, and wear a skirt or shawl for ceremony.  

Brooke will share both ancient and modern teachings of our master center, the Heart. It’ s power and influence in your body and life are profound and joyous. You will be shown how to find and share more love, enabling you to have more clarity, pleasure and richness in your life, and to offer a healing balm to the world which is so much in need. 

 To facilitate this, the blessing of Mother Cacao will be offered in sacred ceremony.

Ceremonial cacao is a master plant that facilitates the connection with our Being, helping us to awaken our connection and transcending limitations to create and live a life more aligned with our nature. Cacao takes us to the Heart, and from it facilitates a powerful process of healing and transformation through a quiet, gentle, and very loving energy.

The complete inward ceremony lasts for around 4 hours. Please bring a mat, pillow and blanket. 

About Mother Cacao:

Cacao is a plant that has been used medicinally for many years by indigenous cultures of Mesoamerica. It is known of Mayan rituals in which cacao was used ceremonially, considering the spirit of Mother Cacao a deity. Today there are still indigenous groups that use them in this way, in addition to the resurgence that has had in Western culture for about 10 years. Ceremony with her is a gentle yet powerful experience of the heart. 

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 Come ready to awaken your feminine power to serve yourself and All Our Relations!