Indigenous Unity!

Now is the time for Indigenous Unity in All Ways as We Rise Together + We Are Stronger Together!!! 

I am a member of the Crow Tribe in Montana, and have always made it clear that I am not a traditional or tribal teacher. I am an indigenous Earthkeeper - my intention and work have always been to bring harmony and sustainable living to this sweet Earth, working with humans to help awaken them to the critical issues we face now. I have learned from wise ones in many cultures and countries, wishing always to make a positive difference for individuals and for this sweet Earth. 

I work for this Earth I love - for Lady Gaia, and for All Our Relations upon her. In line with something attributed to Crazy Horse when he was asked to lead a major uprising, I sense that “we must make peace and also teach those who would overrun us the true ways of living in harmony. Without that knowledge, we and all our children will be lost.” Our issues are so huge and so critical, that infighting and lack of supportive cooperation only lead to more problems. So much of what primary peoples know is a healing salve for our wounded times. We must work together to have a good and possible life for the generations to come. 

And, I have dealt with those who have chosen to be critical of my sharing, even though they have never met me or participated in what I do.  I was shocked to find that anyone can create a Wikipedia page in my name; those who started mine have chosen to be incredibly negative, AND Wikipedia will not let anyone make any changes or corrections to the incorrect and libelous material there!!  I’m still stunned by that, but I guess that is how they operate.  

In my website section PRAISES, you can look at statements from people who have actually worked with me and known my offerings over 50 years of work in the world. Those do not appear on the surface as often as the negativity from the mud-slingers, who so often will not even reveal their name or engage in meaningful and open-hearted dialogue. 

What I teach of native ways is not much different than what you could get in any college course on Native American studies. I have not given away any secrets, and surely have not made money “selling ceremonies”. I live simply, and now on the land where I was born and raised. 

My current focus is working with women. I brought forth, 25 years ago, information from indigenous wisdom about women’s moon time, and I am joyful to share those empowered ways. Most women are already stressed with the load of work and responsibility they carry, and now as we enter the rising time of the Feminine, are being asked to “save the world”. I believe we have the heart and wisdom to do just that, and I offer empowering support to women that I don’t think they find in many other places. Some of it comes from native ways and much of it from my learning in many cultures. The primary thing is not about offering something native, but offering something that makes a positive difference in the world at this critical time. 

I am clear that I have much to offer both men and women, and would be sad if mis-information kept anyone from receiving these teachings. 

I am 76 years old and the international travel I do is not easy for me, yet it is what I am called to do to make a positive difference with my life energy.  I look forward to continued sharing with those who care to listen and learn, however that may come about. I invite you to join me in this positive work for the world - each of us has a powerful offering to make. Each of your positive gifts to the world will indeed transform life for us all.  

We will be adding to this section with information and ideas to clear mis-understandings and mis-information, and to serve this coming together of all of us who are indigenous. Visit again soon!! 

Upcoming Topics:

+ Indigenous Ancestry: Indigenous Community/Family United As One: Blood Quantum, InterTribal Ancestry, Mixed Ancestral Lineages

+ Asking Questions vs. Having the Answers: Indigenous Sacred Councils and the “Old Ways”

+ Indigenous Reconciliation + Reconnection + Reclamation: Reclaiming Our Indigenous Identities Now with Reverence and Respect

+ Blessings In All Ways, We Are One: Praying for your Adversaries

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