Dear Friends and Family (Winter 2014/2015)

Dear Friends and Family,

2014 was an intensely busy year. I did get some wonderful magic accomplished by selling my beautiful FlowerSong home in Washington – something that saddened me, yet seemed important to do since I was getting worn out with all the work it required and the little $support it provided. A wonderful and capable man bought it, moved in early with his cats to learn the ropes, helped me move, and in the process became a friend. My prayers were answered in his taking care of my own cats who got to stay ‘home’ and in his biodynamic care-taking of the land and growing things. I’m pleased to know that I can visit there and pick some of that wonderful fruit down the line.

And another dream has been made manifest. I am now living in Ecuador this winter to visit my sister Andrea, who lives here now, and to check this lovely country out as a place to be in the winter and have a non-USA residence to enjoy. I left my gypsy wagon at my friend Heyoka’s in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, which feels like home in that part of the world. I spent a month there after leaving FlowerSong; then visited friend Mariah’s beautiful Rainbow Hearth Retreat near Austin Texas. Then good pal Elaine (whose invaluable help got me packed and moved) joined me in hopping the plane for Ecuador.

Spring will find me flying into Milan to enjoy time with old friend Manuela in her amazing community – Damanhur. Then Venice, maybe the magic of Slovenia, and down through Italy into Malta, where a dream will come true visiting the goddess caves and perhaps recording a bit there. Then I’ll fly to Spain to teach, on to Paris and sharing in France, then a Medicine Wheel gathering and offerings in Germany. I’ll conclude my 3 months by speaking at a shamanic conference in England, as well as more teaching and travel there. It is all wonderful, yet the real- time challenges of leaving home behind for 7 months and packing a suitcase for all these travels that contains what I need to live and teach (in a size I can drag around) – has been most interesting. (You can find my teaching schedule here.) I plan to create a place for travel news and photos on my website; in the meantime those of you on Facebook can follow along there.

I’m in process of creating the next level of my service and offering to the world in this time of world crises at so many levels. First comes some much-needed rest and exploration of inner and outer worlds. My health and energy are continuing to return to their usual high level, as I rebuild from the debilitation of a year’s undiagnosed giardia. Not being well nourished was very hard on my body, for sure.

Teaching and sharing in Europe will be a real joy. I have a deep longing to be there, and feel that I will return many times. There is so much to do and see, and my time this spring will be mostly devoted to teaching. My dear friend and music magician Ani Williams has invited me to visit the Rennes de Chateau region and follow the Mary Magdalene lines — another dream that will come true as the time is right. Then we’ll likely invite you to come along — that will take place next year, as well as perhaps some winter retreats in the sweetness of Ecuador.

My understanding of White Buffalo Woman and Dawn Star’s teachings has deepened, and I know that expression of holiness, love and light will figure strongly in what I am to share. As the people of the world seek unity, peace and good relationship, this wisdom is very timely.

Last winter I read BUFFALO WOMAN COMES SINGING onto MP3 for a download. I truly enjoyed immersing myself in the wonderful teachings there, and I think you might too. A few songs and some timely comments were added along the way.

I'm participating in an international summit on Moontime / Red Tent teachings, and am so pleased to see women around the world finding the health and power of those women’s mysteries. The Moon-Time series and many other of my teachings are now available for download too, so please check them out.

Ecuador has many devoted people working toward peace and renewal of the earth. Right now I’m planning to go back to the beautiful little village of Vilcabamba where friends are emerging into a leadership role in reopening key sacred sites globally. For example, they are spearheading a global campaign for the "Declaration for the Restoration of Mother Earth." The Four Nations (known as "the Kogi") have found sacred sites there to re-open, and will be there in February.

I send my love and best wishes to each of you in this good new year. So much is possible as we find the love and caring in our own hearts, and express that in the world. I appreciate your staying in touch.

Love and blessings,