Dear Friends & Family (Winter 2016)

Dear Friends and Family,

            A wonderful winter is upon us here; the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the North are reminding us about quieting ourselves, being silent, going deep within the sit with White Buffalo Woman beside her wisdom lake. Too often we neglect to deepen the information and experience, which we have gained around the rest of the wheel, into the wisdom of the North - knowledge which serves the whole of life. When we do practice that, we can walk the Good Red Road, moving from wisdom in the North to action in the South, guided by the light and new ideas of the East and the clearing of the old in the West. May this be a sweet and blessed time for you.

           North Man has kept me in his house! I am staying here in Montana for the winter, rather than journeying again to South America. Due to good things happening on this end, and challenges putting things together on the other, it became sensible and joyful to stay here. I’m living in the studio at Earth and Sky temple, a beautiful place with heated floors and sun through the windows, views into one of the more exquisite landscapes I’ve seen in the world, and a wonderful horse friend to enjoy caring for ….  I’m dancing tango, which I love, and have a new dance and traveling partner who makes life extra sweet.            

           Friends have been gathering a lot during the holidays, and we have all spoken about how much our close relationships give meaning and depth and richness to our lives. Speaking of which, I have formally hunka adopted a new sister - a very special and amazing woman named Susan Powell. She is a powerful and loving teacher in her own right, and is also helping me with web and internet work. Susan is a remarkable gift in my life.

           I’m also getting similar messages in my research of the brain, emotions, and manifestation. Much of the new scientific understanding concerning the methods with which to create positive and happy lives acknowledges the primacy of relationship. My research and learning are for my own personal edification, for sure, yet more importantly for the new teaching I am offering on the SHAMANIC BODY and its magic. The emerging science of epigenetics tells us that our experience and environment determine at least 2/3 of our life, and genetics only 1/3. This gives us tremendous leverage to make our lives as we wish, so learning how is the next step for humanity, as I see it.

           It has been wonderful fun getting back into dancing. I didn’t realize how much was available, even in our little Montana city! I’ve always loved couples' dancing - swing, waltz, and ballroom - and felt a hole in my life without it. It is serving me very well in many ways. I highly recommend that you all give some form of it a try - whether the newly popular salsa or whatever is available. I find that it integrates my nervous system - I may go into class feeling off center, grouchy, clumsy or tired, and I come out feeling clear, light, balanced and energized. Tango is especially wonderful, since the whole dance is about exquisite connection with another person - I think that learning to focus our attention in this way is a positive and useful skill for all areas of life.

            I’ll be returning to teach in Europe and the United Kingdom in the spring and summer. I’m planning to fly into Casablanca for a first visit to Morocco - something I’ve always wanted to do. From there, across the Strait into Andalusia, southern Spain for some beach and play time with my sister friend from Paris who has a home there in Marbella. After that it’s steady work, going into France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and perhaps Denmark, before crossing the channel into England. I’ll share offerings in Scotland (an ancestral place I’ve always wanted to visit) and in beautiful Wales. Magical Glastonbury will be one of my last stops, and I’m hoping to fly back through Iceland and stop there for a few days of touring and hot springs. I’ll definitely be ready for those hot springs after months of fast travel and teaching!


            One part of my trip that is truly thrilling to me is the Mary Magdalene / Cathar pilgrimage in southern France with my old friend, and sacred troubadour, the lovely and talented Ani Williams. The month of May there will be gorgeous, and touching that lineage of light and love will be splendid. We’ll visit Templar and Cathar sites, as well as attending the gypsy festival honoring the two Marys who arrived by sea in Saint Marie del Mar on the French coast. I’m so excited about it, and I’d love to have some of you come with me in this once in a lifetime journey!


            I’m still doing private sessions on the phone, and vision quests when the weather is fair. I’d be honored to help you with your forward movement in life, helping release old patterns and traumas that hold you back.

            I am thrilled to be joining the Red Tent Summit again. I get to start it off this year and I hope you will join us - and do invite your sisters to participate as well! Here is the link to register:

            This past Piscean Age has charged us with learning to walk our path with heart. I practiced pouring love out of my heart as I journeyed in many countries last year - and it came back in such beautiful ways. I encourage you to open the beautiful pathway before you by doing the same:  practice receiving Creation’s great love and pouring it forth into this sweet world with generosity and joy.  As Swami Beyondananda reminds us, “It’s not about earning God’s love, it’s about spending it!”  

           May you create a pathway of beauty before you in this good new year. You are in my heart and prayers.             Love, Brooke