Dear Friends & Family (Spring 2017)

Dear friends and family, 

Wow, what a time! I feel almost speechless…..

First a few brief comments on the current situation, and then a recap of my journeys since last summer and plans/events for this teaching season :

Shocking events have been taking place regularly in the past few months, and no matter what the surface happenings, the most heart-breaking experience is of the pain, anger, hatred, bigotry, and ignorance being openly displayed! I was in England just as Brexit happened and shocked my UK friends, then back for our own presidential election. 

My highest guidance reminded me of what I had been teaching - that primary cultures all over the world have, within the last decades, given the wands of power to the grandmothers, acknowledging our passage out of the long epoch of the Masculine and into the rising Feminine.

Even the Dalai Lama has said that western women will be the saving of the world, and my wise friend Vicki Noble and colleagues remind us that matri-focal (mother and child focused) values and culture are what will bring nurturing, balance, harmony and renewal to this sweet Earth. So the Feminine, rising from where it has lain deep and quiet, is arising - pushing above it and up to be seen, all the darkness and negativity which has been unexpressed and hidden. And is it ever!! 

This perspective, which indicates that the horrendous negativity must come up to be seen and cleared, is a hopeful one for us all, even though it means we will endure a period of great challenge and darkness. I had hoped it would pass with the election, but it seems we are just truly diving into the real craziness that has lain simmering under the surface. Now it is bubbling up and bursting forth like a volcano and its scalding lava searing everything it touches. 

AND our work, our charge, is to become active in making our voice and loving hearts heard and felt in every realm from our families to our communities to our world. It’s hopeful in the midst of government chaos to see constituencies calling their elected representatives home to demand that they will be represented. And loving support being offered in so many ways — from the Women’ march around the world and the international support for the water protectors at Standing Rock, to people in my home community responding to Neo-Nazi hassling of Jewish families: the local newspaper printed a menorah and everyone put it in the windows! Montana said “NO” in personal and political ways to that kind of energy. So many good things…..

So at whatever level you feel despair and sadness, acknowledge the reality of that. THEN it is vitally important to choose and cultivate a feeling of love and positive energy IN YOUR BODY that creates resilience and the baseline for useful action. I’m teaching about the powerful Path of the Heart and Buffalo Woman’s holy ways in my work - practical and powerful ways to live well and create a world of beauty around us.

If you feel righteous anger and depression about what is occurring, clear it in an appropriate way - by expressing in a safe environment or beating it out on pillows, etc.  so that when your energy moves out into the world, you are not adding to the darkness there. Choose powerful and positive energy and action. Go in peaceful confrontation to those in power, like folks are doing at town meetings around the USA where they are making their voices clearly and personally heard! Gather together for prayer, ritual and positive ceremony. The Mother Earth and All Our Relations are counting on those of us who can consciously and actively do the work of Love and Light as we move through this dark passage! 

On to more mundane things, I have been enjoying the opportunity to became a world citizen and share teaching in many places that are new and exciting to me. I’m blessed with those who welcome, sponsor and support me on this amazing pilgrimage! 

I spent last summer in Europe and the British Isles, and will be doing the same this summer.

Starting with some wonderful rest and relaxation on the southern Spanish coast near Marbella, I was nurtured by my adopted French sister Claire, who has been teaching moontime / moon lodge information she learned from me for 20 years in Paris! We then explored and taught along the Atlantic coast and Gibraltar area (looking across into Morocco!), Seville, and Granada, before taking the train to southern France for teaching in Toulouse, Montpelier, and lovely Cannes. A special joy after that was taking a group of women with sacred troubadour Ani Williams on a Mary Magdalen journey of Cathar and Templar areas around Rennes le Chateau and on to the gypsy festival in St. Maries del Mar on the blue coast, where the Maries came ashore. It was a profound and joyous journey. After that I spent a few days in a small apartment overlooking the trout-filled river in the sweet little hot-springs village of Rennes le Baines - I could have lived there forever!  


Then I joined Claire again in Paris, living in a sweet little apartment on the Champs-Elysees while teaching, doing private hearing sessions, as well as book signings. BUFFALO WOMAN COMES SINGING just came out in French with Tre-Daniel press!  On to teach in two lovely German retreat centers, and time out with my singer friend Peti at her lovely little forest home. We explored the ancient trail of huge stones in that area, much to my delight!  

Having learned to love the trains, I traveled all summer by rail and enjoyed seeing the countryside. Gong through Dusseldorf and the Rhine area, I went on to Belgium and Netherlands to teach. Standing on the N Sea beaches and remembering our men’s sacrifice at Dunkirk and Flander’s fields was deeply touching to me.  

Then a long train ride back into the Swiss / French alps to enjoy their stunning beauty after teaching in Annecy and Lausanne. New friend Aurelie and I visited the Mont Blanc area and later climbed a mountain to see that remarkable peak and mountain chain in the distance. I thought my thigh muscles would never stop being sore after that, since I had been at Mediterranean sea level for so long... 

Then out of Geneva into England to teach at Glastonbury and Howell, as well as visit friend Gen at her lovely thatched home in Avebury. Lots of exploration there of huge stones, and my favorite place, West Kennet long barrow.   

Next, the joy of being in my Scot ancestors’ homeland in RossShire near Inverness, and Orkney Isles. I got to slow down after many intense weeks, hike every day in the gorse and heather, visit Loch Ness and the Isle of Skye. After that I journeyed through Edinburgh, into the wonderful Lake District of England for great hikes in the beauty there with another Claire - my sponsor and friend. Then a lovely women’s retreat at Snowdonia mountain in Wales; more exploration near Hereford with a shamanic friend; a class with my “family” in Dover / Deal; and then the big airplane across Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Canada into Seattle and home. 

Here in Montana, I have been housesitting in beautiful places just outside Missoula and getting lots of exercise shoveling snow in a winter of record cold. In the autumn I journeyed to our old home ranch where my sister/friend Tanah holds Sacred Ground and stewards an amazing buffalo herd. Her deeply spiritual work with sacred hunts is an amazing learning and expression of love.

 Speaking of animals and their teaching, you might also like to read my article from Spain’s birthplace of bull-flighting.

I’m looking forward to another UK / EU journey this summer, beginning with a wonderful retreat in Scotland and touching into Switzerland, France, Germany, and perhaps Belgium. Then a time of exploration of the land of some long-distance relatives from Denmark! After that the UK again - the mid-lands, Glastonbury, Wales, and Kent before getting that big plane again as autumn draws near. 

I’m looking for teaching sponsors / venues in the USA when I return for autumn and winter, so let me know if you have any good ideas!  

Love and bright blessings to each of you in this startling time of deep challenge and incredible possibility. I’m starting a new blog Journal - ARISING: Earth and Spirit - to stay in better touch with you and send you travel news and photos*, so stay tuned.  Brooke

   * Anyone on Facebook can find lovely albums of travel photos at Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle and also check out my Brooke Medicine Eagle teaching page there.