Dear Friends & Family Winter 2018

Greetings my Dear Friends and Family, 

It has been a wild and wonderful 6 months since I sent news, and now there is so much!! I left Montana for the Glastonbury England Goddess Conference on August 1, and have been traveling the UK and EU since then. I had started my European teaching in 2015, flying into Milan and taking the train on to visit Venice. Now I have completed a 4-year circle of incredible experiences and offerings with a last teaching and healing in Milano! After that, a train ride back through the Alps to Geneva and onto that big silver bird for a long flight to Seattle and home to Montana. It’s an interesting and appropriate completion to this 4 year quest. 

Sister Claire at Paris workshop

Sister Claire at Paris workshop

Duomo Cathedral, Milan; celebrating the Feminine, birthing energy of Mary

Duomo Cathedral, Milan; celebrating the Feminine, birthing energy of Mary

One of the most joyous things, after all this time of travel and having no personal house, is moving toward making Sacred Ground home - a beautiful, large buffalo ranch on the Crow Reservation which includes my childhood home ranch, the old Moccasin place. It will definitely be a major home-coming. After years of solitude and deepening into a holy practice with the ancestors, land, spirits, animals and beings there, my sister friend Tanah is ready to open out again to inviting people for in-depth learning and empowerment with us in the magic atmosphere of that pristine land of many springs. More on that later…

Sacred Ground buffalo with Medicine Wheel crystal light vortex

Sacred Ground buffalo with Medicine Wheel crystal light vortex

USA - Stepping Up

It’s very interesting to be heading back to the states and all that is transpiring there. I caught up a bit with the elections, and was really pleased that many of the remarkable women I supported in a small way, were able to win their seats in different parts of government - and others made a great showing against established power. In this time of the Arising Feminine, it makes very good sense to me that intelligent and accomplished women who care about people and children, and who understand that honorable stewardship of the Earth is the baseline for nourishing all life, have made such a strong showing. 

Now it’s time for us to support them in the demanding work for us that they have chosen. 

An interesting point is that, as most of you know, the US form of government was modeled on that of the Iroquois confederacy - a nation of tribes in eastern Turtle Island. Of course, there are two houses of representation and an executive branch to move their decisions into reality. One important piece which our founding fathers DID NOT follow, is that the “senate” is to be comprised of wise grandmothers!!! And it makes such sense that would be the way: the dedication of women when they enter the moon-pause / wisdom lodge is to widen their attention from the “family and community around their skirts”, and extend their focus of concern to the renewal and nurturing of ALL LIFE. Given that those women had traditionally sought spiritual deepening and vision 13 times a year in their 4 day moon lodges, these were truly women of deep and empowered wisdom. 

I’ve been working with women in many countries to choose again to do these health, spirit and service practices as a gift to themselves and, very importantly, as a development of positive leadership for the people.  I’ll be in Florida and Idaho this spring, 

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One of the challenges of our time is that many of us from the hippie and drop-out years, chose consciously to not be involved in politics. Unfortunately, what happened is that the realtors, developers, corporate people, and others with powerful monetary focus were very interested in those positions of policy and law - thus we now have a government, not of the people, but of monied interests. To me, what happened in this election was a sign that people are realizing that dropping out is not the answer - we need to be involved in order to have a voice!

Up Next

I take my Vision motor home south out of the cold to spend Christmas with my adopted daughter Shannondoah and granddaughter Aspen in N California. It was nice to see friends and family in Montana, and now to enjoy some southern sunshine on the Mexican border - resting at a beautiful little park of huge, ancient oak trees that was a native gathering ground, and also working and nurturing myself at the wonderful Rancho La Puerta Spa owned by very kind friends. 
Before I settle down I’ll dash off to Florida for teaching and visiting in the Orlando / Palm Beach / Sarasota triangle.
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When I return to California in early February I’ll be taking John Connelly’s RRT training to improve my skills in working with trauma, stress and anxiety - which seem to be on everyone’s ticket these days - as well as addiction and alcoholism. 
After another teaching in LA, I’ll settle in a bit - 6 months of steady travel are about enough…. ;-)  Then before I head back north to spend the warm part of the year at Sacred Ground, I’ll also be doing a gathering in Boise Idaho, Wild Women of the West!  Learn about all these - Click Here for Idaho Event Information
While offering my ranch girl skills and energy at Sacred Ground until October, I’m also available to travel a bit for workshops and conferences. Let me know if you have any ideas for me about this - what I carry is vital and useful information so I’d like to share it more in the USA…. I’m also planning to work on more teachings for the web to make it easier for you to access them.  I’ll announce them when they are available.

By the way, we are just putting up a teaching titled ANCEPAHabout the vital aspect of our lives which is working with our ancestors. There is much to be cleared around our lineages, as well as incredible resources available since their commitment is to helping us do and be the best we can as individuals still able to make a difference on Earth. The modern science of Epigenetics, as well as our native traditions, speak of the power of being in contact with those who have gone beyond. They have age-old wisdom about living and surviving on this sweet Earth - some of which it seems we have forgotten to practice. Click Here for Ancepah Audio Teaching on Rainbow Trading Post Page

Driving by Mt.Shasta in N CA is aways inspiring!

Driving by Mt.Shasta in N CA is aways inspiring!

Sacred Ground Home & Retreats 

I will be just getting my life focused there on the ranch this late spring as the snows clear; then I’ll settle in to help with the buffalo, as well as develop our long-term School of Natural Living. Tanah and us feel that we can create the most positive influence by working with leaders and those who can command profound change. Right now we are about to launch a fund-raising campaign to create the infrastructure necessary to invite you to partake of the magic there. You will hear more about this as I actually get closer to living and working there. 
For now, I plan to have some very simple amenities for having individual people come for retreat and questing this summer in the wild lands. One clear possibility is flying into Billings, renting a little camper van, and using that as your base. I plan to have my gypsy wagon and a tipi available too.  If you think you would be interested, eMail me ( with a subject line: SACRED GROUND TIME, so I’ll find it among the thousands of eMails I get! I can at least get you on a list and be in closer contact.  
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There is so much to share about the land and magic there; I’ll do more of that over time. Just know that it is a 3500 acre buffalo ranch, wildlife sanctuary, as well as wilderness retreat and habitat for learning - A place to experience harmonious and sustainable living, with profound spiritual energy. The pure water from crystal mountains and the remarkably high vibration there mean that you will be moved forward in a powerful way, while being dramatically cleared off all the old and unworkable patterns you carry. I look forward to some very personal time with you!! 

Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground

Healing, Clearing and Support

I’ll be starting my private consultation practice again, and would love to work with you. I’m glad to do one hour sessions on the phone, or in person if you are nearby.  These sessions can include profound work to clear trauma, stress and anxiety; shamanic healing to clear old unworkable patterns, and mentoring on moving your life forward in a good way. Check my website for detailed information and contact me by eMail or phone. Click Here for Contact Information. I’ll use everything I have to help you in any way I can. 

I have a dear friend who does remarkable holistic healing and grief & trauma work by phone from any where in the world. She uses a mix of Thought Field Therapy Voice Technology, Homeopathy, and unique effective supplements and whole body protocols. She gets excellent results and I highly recommend her. Many of us are adrenally stressed, nutritionally challenged, and over-burdened with the ill-effects of various toxins and life-long traumas. Norma treats all of that, and as you can see from the testimonials on her website, she treats a myriad of chronic symptoms and difficult challenging cases. An introductory call is free of charge. If you let her know I sent you she will give you a $100 discount going forward. Go to 
and you can contact her directly from there.


Remember that the Love and Light from Great Mother Creator God, and all their abilities, lie with you, as you. You are a unique window and offering, in and to this sweet world. The quality with which we NOW do every and anything is the test. Kindness, cooperation, ALLIANCE, laughter, Love - in beauty and friendship - what a perfect and wonderful answer to be able to offer the world! And the best part is that the exquisite energy you offer comes through your own body first - you receive the gifts you give. 

Our job now is to ACKNOWLEDGE  and CLEAR any negativity. A remarkably useful  power prayer right now, especially with those things that are not beneficent and useful, is something like this: 

May these energies / thoughts/ etc. be sent back through whoever originated them, into the nothingness from which they came. Make it so. ~ Blessed be! Midtak Oyasin, All My Relations.

Then, and vitally important, we call into ourselves, and feel in our bodies, the most wonderful, joyful, loving, great energy we can, to fill that now cleared space, and serve as a base for moving forward.  

In Love and Light,  Brooke