Dear Friends & Family (Autumn 2017)

Autumn 2017

Dear Friends & Family,
As we slide into Winter, I’m thinking of all of you out there. Thinking thoughts of warmth, comfort, companionship, community, sweetness…….. May all that works perfectly for you be yours in Magical 2018.  
It does seem that big magic is afoot, and of course, we can only participate if we are clear enough to hold high our most beautiful dreams as the reality Creator is bringing us. So, any process you can do to release the energetic hold of old traumas, pains and fears is THE PERFECT THING TO BE DOING RIGHT NOW.  It’s like doubling down on a good poker hand - you will be doubly rewarded for whatever you de-story and clear. The simple lightness is wonderful, and the positive forward movement it brings is delicious.  
We are moving into a grand time when our individual LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS COUNTS BIG-TIME. That level is like a key or pass card into certain abilities, processes, transformations - stepping up a level in beauty, grace, harmony, and sustainability. No one else can do it for us. And LOVE is the MOST POWERFUL ENERGETIC right now, and as always. 
I’m loving my work with groups these days since this is the focus of my teaching. SEE SCHEDULE

My attitude is, “OK, let’s just step right into LOVE and carry that amazing vibration into the moments of our lives.” Like the shimmer of moonlight across the water, it creates a pathway HOME.

Like a shimmer of moonlight across water,
LOVE creates a pathway HOME. 

And speaking of that, a Super Blue Moon Eclipse is happening in late January. Get out your sparkly blue dancing shoes!! Let’s dance of that pathway while it is offered by the Sky Goddess. 

Most of you know, I have been on the road internationally with no house of my own for several years – a choice I made to travel the world after being so tied down with the orchard sanctuary. AND it has been unpleasant to come ‘home’ to the USA after joyful international travels and not have the restfulness of a personal dwelling.

So I informed the gods and goddesses that I am willing to do the hard work of teaching on the road internationally AND I also need a home base when I return. A home on wheels seemed a good answer since I do like to move about even when on Turtle Island soil. Most everyone told me that I wouldn’t be able to get much for the small amount of money I had saved, except a dear friend Susan who reminds me that miracles are what we do!

Miracles are what we do!

Thus I arrived Sept 1, planning to search around for a motor home that would feel like a real little home and be able to carry enough so that life could be full and pleasant. One sunny afternoon I began my search, and the sales man came up with only 2 - both a bit above my price range. Then, in the first few minutes of what I thought might be a process of days or weeks, he remembered one that had just come in and was still in the shop being tuned up - a few feet longer than I wanted. 
I stepped into the older Pace Arrow - top of the line at the time. I immediately felt at home - the convection oven I had planned to put in, big windows, great layout with plenty closet space and outside storage, very nice detailing and lighting, and incredible add-ons by the last owner. It looked and felt practically new inside. My expert friend checked it out; I drove it’s bus-sized 35 feet easily and well; and since it would sell as soon as it hit the lot the next Monday, bought it right then for 20% less than my small budget!! It was all so easy, it felt almost unreal ! See FULL STORY on my Blog Journal.

Then I saw the name on the side again – Pace Arrow VISION, and I remembered in a meditation getting the reminder – “Hold your VISION clear and send it forth like an ARROW. It will lead you to what you desire.” Wow, did it ever! Thank you, Creator, for always taking good care of me!! I named her VISION>>>


My sister friend Tanah had counseled me, and I suggest to you;
1. Get clear on your positive prayer / intention.
2. Send it forth, asking that your mindset / vibration match the prayer.
3. Surrender it, saying “Creator, make it so.” Then the great and loving forces can go into action…..

I ended up, even with all the extra things one needs to buy, including an excellent maintenance contract, getting it for well under what I had even prayed for…..


It took more energy and time than I thought to outfit it out of my storage unit and suitcases, get a tow dolly for the pickup, get the tail lights working on the whole rig, +++++. Yet I had a most joyful family place at Anuhea and Pearl’s to set it, overlooking the whole Missoula Valley and their good and welcoming company.
Then one late October day when cold weather made possible freezing Vision’s pipes, I bid fond farewell to my Montana home and friends to journey through Portland OR and a bit N into WA to the home, bio-dynamic farm and bee sanctuary of Jaqueline and Joseph Freeman. I had the pleasure of settling down for a few weeks to take care of cats, dogs, chicken, with a lovely pasture view. Going south, Nola Ettner welcomed me to their home in the Applegate Valley near Ashland OR - a very nurturing place, and I got to visit old and dear friends. The fur people have been most enjoyable!  


Now I’m with my adopted daughter Shannondoah, her daughter and mother in N CA near Ukiah - a little red wood retreat. It’s the first kid Christmas I’ve had in almost forever - so lovely to be with them. I remember again why I adopted this amazing young woman, who now does my web work for me. We will do more and more together. 
Next will be the long haul down the length of California, through LA and the fires to sunny San Diego and my friend’s exquisite spa across the border in Tecate Mexico. I also plan to spend some spring time in what my friend Bonnie calls ‘the Arizona of Colorado’ over west near Grand Junction in the red rock county around the Colorado river — where I just might make my next home – wonderful fruit orchards and warm garden land + fabulous recreation opportunities including kayaking, biking, and hiking to get myself back in great shape. The beautiful mountains are only a short drive away, and I may take my car for a New Mexico journey to attend dances at the Pueblos – something I’ve been wanting to do again for years. And maybe on down to a friend’s ranch in Mexico with my brother Tom. My EU UK tour won’t begin until Autumn of 2018, after some exquisite months at my Sacred Ground home in Montana with Tanah, Gen and the buffalo herd. EVENT SCHEDULE and a celebratory return to Blacktail Ranch in Montana with sister Heron Wind to do a Women’s Retreat. CLICK HERE 


I’m glad I’ve driven big rigs before so Vision doesn’t seem difficult at all, yet one needs to pay full attention to keeping between those narrow lines!!! It does carry it’s own burdens and stresses - everything about a home, plus what an auto has — and navigating without a helper. I guess I need to hook with a good rolling partner ;-)

I hope to see some of you along the way. Let me know if you are up for a visit from so big a rig ;-)  Let’s make this a great year for us all. 

even with the challenges I am offered along the way. 
All this is leading me Home.

Let’s make this a great year for us all. Love does that.   Brooke


Mount Shasta as Brooke passed by