Dear Friends & Family (Late Summer 2017)

Dear Friends and Family

Late Summer 2017


Wow, the summer slipped by fast! I left in May for Scotland, spent most of the time in continental Europe (see below for more), and came back to the states from green and misty Wales — to an experience that felt like hell (severe heat, surrounded by wild fires, and choked with smoke) !!  Thankfully, here in Montana and the NW we had the miracle of heavy rain and early snow to help put out the fires - now many other parts of the country are deeply challenged by fire and storm. These difficulties, plus the almost unbelievable negativity and lack of caring from our “leadership,” make hell less than a metaphor.
I don’t have or watch TV, nor did most anyone where I stayed around the world, but quite often someone would report another horror happening in America, and stories about all the support systems for everyday folks and Mother Earth that are beginning to be swept away by soft hands, calloused hearts and inflamed minds. People around the world are sad for us Americans, and many who were close to the Nazi experience in the second world war era, say it feels very much like the beginning of that terrible time. 

The Rising Feminine



What’s happening is deeply shocking to me, when many of us have been working toward and holding the image of a golden time for this sweet Earth. However, my highest guidance talks about the need to go through this dark time with hopeful understanding and clear intention.
We are in the time of the RISING FEMININE. The masculine energy has been dominant since the sun-worshipping horsemen out of the northern steppes swept over the gentle Earth-worshipping matri-focal cultures of Europe around 6 thousand years ago. The pendulum’s long swing is returning to a more feminine time. 
Matri-focal society does not mean one dominated by females (that’s matriarchy - another form of hierarchy with a different sex at the helm. Matri-focal societies focus on nurturing women and children, and that attitude of caring spreads to all people. They are egalitarian and non-warlike, putting their energy into giving everyone what they need to live good lives; creating beautiful art and culture; living simply, sustainably and lovingly on the nurturing Earth; and most often are matrilineal (where property and lineage belong to the women, so that children always have their home and family). The economies are based in gifting, not competition. 
A decade or so ago, the primary societies in the Americas acknowledged the arising Feminine by handing the “wands of power” to the grandmothers. This beautiful energy rising up from the Earth is pushing up all the negativity that has been hidden “underground’ so that it can be seen and cleared. The shock of people’s anger and hatred, blame and lack of caring for others (from the highest to the lowest levels) has been there all along; now it can be seen; and in order for it  to be cleared from our experience, negativity simply must be seen and acknowledged. 
Although it is deeply frightening to witness, we must hold strong in our dream of a golden time, while honestly addressing the things that are not working in our world. What has happened in America seems to have arisen from the many ways we have ignored segments of our population who are hurting. When a trained salesman / orator comes along telling people what they want to hear, great power is given, just like in Germany years ago. The devastating part is seeing that the uncaring hearts who have come to power have self-interest as their primary motivation. It is stunning to me that those who are supposed to be intelligent people in leadership cannot see that their actions will NOT lead to happiness and well-being, even for themselves, if they destroy the Earth beneath us and the structures that serve us. 

Time to Step Up!



It’s a time to step up and put our energies into what we care about, and continue to hold the highest possible dreams for humanity - while doing our own homework on whatever trauma and negativity rises up in us. As my sister friend Tanah reminds me, it’s time for each of us to follow Creator’s plan rather than our own, and find the ease, grace and magic that brings. 
So begin each day

  1. Asking for the greater plan for yourself and the will to follow the highest guidance. 
  2. Get clear about what you want to manifest and speak that prayer / intention into the world. 
  3. AND, VERY IMPORTANT, ask for the mindset to match that prayer. 
  4. Finally say, “Creator (God or however you address that holiness), MAKE IT SO.” - which gives creation permission to move into action. 
  5. Then go about your day with a restful heart, paying attention to the guidance that comes from your heart.

The Focus of My Teachings and Offerings



My primary focus of teaching right now is the Path of the Heart - how to use this core vital energy to manifest a good life for ourselves and All Our Relations, and have a joyful time in the process. LOVE IS THE WAY AND THE ANSWER ;-) We must become powerful warriors of the heart! 

I’m also focusing on women’s health and empowerment. Even the Dalai Lama has said that western women will be the saving of the world. With all that is on our plates, women are experiencing a 100 % rise in stress, compared with 50 years ago (men feel only 10% more stress). And stress, according to all the health research is the killer: when the system reaches the limits of its capacity to deal with overwhelm, it blows out in the weakest point. So my work is to guide women in finding deeper levels of health, well-being and empowerment - that they might have happy lives themselves, AND have the energy to make the profound difference needed in these critical times on Earth. 
Another major focus, and the an answer to our challenges, is learning about the ancient brain that still runs our systems - evolution taking 10s of thousands of years to change - and how to make use of it’s power to create the life and health we desire and deserve. 
My students report that their work with me is powerful, transformative,, and deeply supportive, both in class and in private sessions. I will be offering classes, retreats and private consultations here in the USA this year as I get settled in.  
OFFERINGS Then I’ll be in Europe again for another tour a year from now. In early June,, I’ll be back at beautiful Blacktail Ranch for the first time in years to do a women’s retreat with my sister, Heron Wind. It would be great to see some of our Eagle Song and Wakantia campers as well as other wonderful women! EVENT SCHEDULE

My Summer Tour



I began at beautiful Lendrick Lodge near Loch Lomond in Scotland with a transformative women’s retreat and cacao ceremony assisted by Gen Boast. 
Then on for some personal time and exploration in Edinburgh and my favorite area near Inverness. Friends and I explored the highlands, a magical and beautiful place. 

Off to Geneva, and work in Lausanne and the French Alps. It’s one of my favorite places on the continent, and my sponsor there loves to hike so we had some wonderful adventures in the magnificent mountains and vistas just outside Annecy.  


I returned to the beautiful French coast in Montpelier to work and play with my dear friend Valerie. While there, we visited Lerab Ling, the largest Tibetan monastery in Europe. 


A long train ride through the French countryside took me into Paris to work with my sister Claire and with Danielle Flaumenbaum, a gynecologist and expert of women’s sexuality - we co-taught a wonderful group of women and I did private sessions in the lovely consultation room in her home where I stayed. I made it to the Marmotton Impressionist gallery, and loved getting to know the work of Claude Pizarro, as well as see more Monets.


Returning to Germany for a third year, I did a women’s retreat at the lovely garden community in Steyerberg and visited the forest home of my friend Peti, a joyful companion and sister songster. 
Having some open time, I visited Denmark - where I have long-ago ancestry. A lovely young family welcomed me in Zeeland along the sweet shores there, plus exploring Copenhagen.


With still more open time, I happily returned to the French Alps for more private sessions, a drum gathering, and many more spectacular hikes! 


It feels like home away from home there. I got to jump off the amazing limestone cliffs there with a paraglider, and float like a huge butterfly over the turquoise lake! 


Next came the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury England - a rich and celebratory event, with time at the Chalice Well, Tor and Abby, visiting the amazing ruins and King Arthur\s grave.  PHOTO  Friend Seersha picked me up and we had restful time in my friend Gen’s Avebury cottage and among the huge stones. Then on to Dover/Deal area for a small class and sessions. 


My last stop was in Wales for second women’s retreat in Snowdonia Park, as well as hikes and enjoyment in Angelsey.  


In all my European travels, I am thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the sweet, gentle, mellow, happy lives people lead, even though they choose not to indulge in the level of  consumption we in America do. I think we have lots of lessons to learn from them. 

So I send my summer blessings, a bit late, and wish you a most spectacular and joyful Autumn. May Great Spirit bless you in your endeavors - for yourself and the world!! 

Love and sweet blessings,  Brooke